When it comes to shopping for a prom dress, you need to have a good idea of what fits you. To start with, you need to take your measurements to find your size. Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to measure yourself the right way, we are here to help you out!

Following, we are going to pinpoint what you need to measure and how to assure you have taken the right size. So, stick with us!


Before you try on different Prom Dresses, assure you took your measurements the right way. These measurements also include your hips. Once again, you need to stand up straight and get your feet together flat on the floor. From there, pull the measuring tape across widest part of your hip.

The tape needs to cross middle of both your hip bone and run at the bottom of buttocks. Don’t get this measurement confused with the high hip, most people do, and they regret buying their dress. To make sure you don’t confuse your hips with someone else, they are the widest part of your lower body.


Take off your shoes and stand straight with your feet together, remember, no slouching. You need to start from the top of your head and go down on your back and pull out the measuring tape taught to the floor.

Don’t forget to add your heels or flats when it comes to final alterations. It will help ensure your dress is the perfect fit, not short or long for your height.


Have a friend measure the fullest part of the bust.

The measuring take needs to run across the apex of your breast. Most dresses come with built-in cups or bra. Just make sure they fit you right or else you will have trouble keeping the dress up your whole night. The bust is the widest part of your chest.


Natural Waist is the small part of your stomach. It is a bit below your belly button. Just keep the measuring tape a bit loose to make room for breathing, sitting and eating. Nothing is worse than finding your dress suffocating. With that said, don’t get your waist confused with your high hips.

Once you take your measurements, you have to get the second opinion to suit your body type. There are many guides available for plus size prom dresses. These guides not only help you buy the right dress but also make alterations in case you need any.


Start with measuring around your next from the point where you will wear the collar. You need to pull the tape tight enough to get rid of gaps between the tape and your skin. Just don’t make it tight, or it will discolour your skin.

If you are not sure with the measurements, you can also take a shirt and measure the collar flat. It will give you the most accurate measurements.