The fashion industry is something that interests everyone but is very problematic. Fast fashion is a concept that many people are starting to become interested in. A recent BBC3 documentary has brought this issue to the forefront and has allowed so many people to understand the problems with high street fashion. Fast fashion is essentially pieces of clothing that are on trend, being made very quickly and sold at a cheap price. It can be said that fast fashion is a response from clothing companies due to the high increase in need from consumers.6034556461_ddb0b86d0e_z
Although this doesn’t sound problematic, the creation of these clothes and the conditions these clothes are made in are creating more issues. High street stores such as Primark, New Look or even more expensive stores such as Urban Outfitters and Topshop are compliant in this system.

Fast fashion works on exploitative labour conditions and is destroying the environment. As inhabitants of this world, it’s our duty to try and look after the environment, instead of destroying it further. I can admit that I have bought cheap clothes, only worn them a few times and then chucked them away. So many people do this, and it is completely unethical. If you were to buy more sustainable, expensive clothing, the likelihood is that you would keep the clothes and get more wear out of them.

Ethical clothing isn’t cheap and not everyone can afford it. However, even the small changes in your life can help change the system. For example, charity shops, second-hand shops, online websites such as Depop, Vinted or even eBay is a much better way to buy new clothes in an ethical way.prudence-earl-599273-unsplashAnother issue is how fast fashion is presented to the public. Influencers and celebrities are used to promote these companies. They know that young people especially will be more likely to buy a piece of clothing if their favourite YouTuber is promoting it. This is causing the issue of fast fashion to become even more prevalent in society.

We do live in a materialistic world, but it’s not only our responsibility to change the way the fashion industry works; big corporate companies also need to change the way the clothes are made not only for the sake of humanity but also our environment.