Post-University is a confusing time; do you go straight to work or stay on and study a Masters? Whilst some career fields are oversubscribed, others are calling out for applicants. These in-demand careers can offer future stability, good pay and opportunities for progression. Here are just five careers that are in demand right now that could be worth pursuing.  


The demand for nursing staff is growing and it’s thought that it will continue to grow into the future as the ageing population increases. For those that are naturally caring and compassionate, a job as a nurse can be highly rewarding as well as having a decent salary. A three year course is often needed to become a nurse, although there are alternative routes being introduced such as apprenticeships. Why earn a DNP to expand your future options – this can give you more advanced medical knowledge allowing you to take on more senior roles, of which there are thought to be more in the future as more of the responsibilities are taken off of doctors.  


There’s also a shortage of teachers right now. As with nursing, this is similarly rewarding work – every day you’ll be equipping children with vital skills to set them up in life. Becoming a teacher requires achieving a degree – if you’re teaching a subject in secondary school, you’ll likely need a degree in this subject. You must then gain a teaching qualification, which involves training and a year of supervised teaching experience in schools.


Farming is becoming more mechanised, however despite technological improvements there is still a lack of farmers out there. As the population increases, the demand for farmers is thought to increase as more produce is needed. To get into farming, you’re best off taking a course in agriculture. You can then start your own farm or work for an existing farm. Developing an understanding of modern farming technology and organic farming could help to future-proof your career in farming.


As we rely more on machinery, engineers are becoming a more valuable asset. Computer engineering is one of the fastest growing areas as our love for computers and gadgets increases. The engineering of green technology is also a fast-growing area – this could include designing and building wind farms, solar panels, waste recycling machinery and eco-friendly household appliances. Engineering involves being creative and technical-minded – you’re best off completing a degree in engineering, which may require good grades in subjects like maths, physics, design and electronics. It’s a very well-paid job with a lot of progression.


All this machinery also needs to be maintained and this requires technicians.