Once single-hood is behind us and we have settled down with our significant other, we look back on the days when we were unattached, dating, at times with some regret. We may wish that we had known certain things we know today, or that we had used our time doing some things we had denied ourselves. Perhaps if someone had told us of these regrets, we would have had a sweeter life, and never would have taken ourselves so seriously. Since we cannot turn back the hand of time and try certain things or avoid other things, it would be helpful to make people who are currently single aware of these things, and save them from experiencing what we are going through when dating.

Here are some dating tips I wish I had paid attention to when I was single:

A first date is not an interview for marriage

Dating, at first, is for assessing whether you can have a second date, or if you can even take the relationship to the next level; it is not an audition for determining if you are able to settle with your partner. You cannot fall in love by assessing all these things on the emotionally charged first date.

Finding a romantic partner should not be your sole goal at any time

Being obsessed with looking for a romantic partner will leave you badly bruised if you are not successful. Instead, pursue other goals, like career progression, physical fitness, or furthering your education, as you look for your partner.

It is not critical to look for someone who thinks you are good enough for them

On the contrary, it is important to find that special someone who you can never get enough of, and with whom you can spend hours on end. It is about finding that other half with whom you perfectly match. Even if it is a sugar arrangement, which you can learn how to find from the Happymatches blog, you should seek a partner with whom you can be together for endless hours without realizing it, and who also enjoys your company.

If you find yourself bored in a local pub, you may not find someone who will improve your evening

You would do yourself a big favor to hang out elsewhere the following weekend, instead of going to the same bar and drinking more liquor to kill your boredom. Go alone if your buddies do not want to accompany you.

Follow your instincts because they are correct

If you feel like your partner is not treating you right—they are too overbearing, do not pay attention to you, or make you feel inferior—trust your instincts. You should let go of them, and you do not have to explain your decision to anyone, since you shouldn’t be with anyone who makes you feel odd.

Go to movies, concerts, parks and other social venues by yourself

When you are single, you can follow your whims and not shelve any of your plans—something you may not enjoy when you get attached to someone else.

You don’t have to force yourself to go on a date

If you don’t feel like going on a date, then cancel it. It would not be good for either of you to go on a date when you’re not feeling up to it. You may agree on having another date, if you feel ready for one.

If you suspect they are not treating you right, you are correct

Sometimes your partner may be disrespectful toward you, and while you may doubt yourself, the truth is you are correct. You need to let them know you feel disrespected and that they should fix their behavior.

Stop being afraid that potential partners may reject you for your height, or for other physical features

You will do yourself a great deal of good if you remove from your life those who want nothing to do with you because you are too fat, too short, or otherwise imperfect, according to them. You will be happier, and the truth is that there are always more people out there who will accept you for who you are and for what you look like.

Believe the people who say they are too damaged for you or not deserving of you

When a guy or a girl tells you they are inadequate for you, take their word for it, even if it could be because they have low self-esteem. You cannot manage to help them fix such issues. Also, they could be politely telling you that they do not want to progress the relationship with you.