Life after University can be a frightening thought for many students, especially after graduating. Between all the essay writing and studying, the prospect of going out and getting a career immediately after all that hard work can just be a bit too overwhelming. There’s already been recent reports of students needing more meaningful careers advice, as many graduate in a muddle about their own skills and experience.

Still, if this is you, then don’t lose hope just yet! There’re numerous things you can do to better your chances of starting a new, fun and productive life right out from graduating from University.

Consequently, here’s a few tips to help you with just that!

Do something

This might seem like a generic or overly vague piece of advice, but doing something, anything even, is better than nothing. You need to make sure that when you leave university, your CV stays active and busy no matter what. That means even if you can’t find a graduate job, don’t ever sit around and mope; volunteer, bag a part time job, do work experiences, write your own blog, etc.

The larger point here is that when you do start securing job interviews, you will need to have varied experiences listed on your CV that you can discuss in detail with the interviewer. Even if you can’t score a piece of minimal volunteering work, at least take on a hobby of some kind to tide yourself over until something better comes along. In the end, try to do everything you can to ensure that your CV doesn’t get stalled right out of university; keep that productive momentum going.

Basic bank accounts

At University, many students spend their money recklessly on parties and drink. It’s almost excusable during times when you’re young and silly, but frankly once you’ve graduated those days of ringing up mum for some more spending money are over. You need to now start being an adult, spending sensibly and getting your finances in check as soon as possible.

For example, you can open a basic bank account with Think Money to help boost your credit rating. It’ll also help to reign in any poor spending habits you picked up during your university years, help you budget, and generally educate you financially on all the things you need to do to effectively manage your money. Put simply, try to grow up a little bit when it comes to your money; after all, you’ll need to start saving for your own place after graduating!

Stay in touch

Unfortunately, some people think that starting a new life means completely erasing the old one. However, making a fresh start after University doesn’t need to be so extreme, nor do you need to totally severe ties to your past. If you made lifelong friends after university, absolutely make sure to stay in touch with them.

Friendships are important; they can get you through the down days when the job hunt is tough, and together your group can support one another until successes start coming your way. Additionally, they may just make for good contacts during your job hunt; who knows, perhaps you could recommend a friend for a certain job, or they could provide a reference for you? Stay in touch with your pals, and it’ll make everything easier for you.