Even if video gaming, in one way or another, has been around for decades, the last 10 years was the most significant period. Lately, not just gaming but also technology, in general, has improved tremendously, its popularity going through the roof as a result of that.

A large segment of the population is playing video games on a constant basis. The situation was way different 20 years ago but, because of the latest technological advances gaming has become a regular activity and an intrinsic part of our lives.

More choice

Even if video gaming is not something new, back in the day, the number of games present on the market was tremendously low compared to today. Nowadays, we release more games in a single year than people used to release in decades prior to the 21st century.

Even if now, roughly 2 billion people are considered to be some sort of gamers, there are still enough games present on the market to match everybody’s preference.

This huge possibility of choice is attracting more and more new people every day. The number of gamers is only predicted to grow in the near future. Better and more captivating games have managed to gain the interest of different people, contributing greatly to the popularity of this industry.

These choice options are reflected in all of the gaming niches. Take for example online gambling; if your options were limited in the past, now you can play Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot, Lucky Lady, Lord of the Ocean, and hundreds of more variations. Developers have kept on pushing out not only new mini-games but also whole online casinos from where people can actually access large databases of popular casino games.

Such online casinos have attracted a lot of people, representing a gaming environment for those that want to experience adrenaline without having to spend dozens of hours in a virtual environment. The nature of these games and the fact that quality ones can be played for free have surely attracted a large base of users, growing the popularity of gaming even more.

Considering that the millennial generation is expected to overtake the baby boomers in the near future, gaming is only going to see greater success in the years to come. Since the millennial generation is more attached to gadgets and technologies, they constitute the largest amount of gamers and are soon going to be the largest living generation in the world.

Higher accessibility

The wide variety of choice regarding gaming hardware has also contributed to the rise in popularity of gaming. If in the past, people only had the possibility of experiencing quality gaming on consoles but, now you can game on anything. Considering that cloud gaming is going to revolutionise this industry in 2019, people are going to be able to play high-resolution games even on their TVs.

The opportunity of playing games on any device has opened the doors to this ecosystem for many new people. More and more people are starting to own high-quality smartphones that are perfectly capable of running the latest mobile games.

Now, through the creation of cheaper and better devices, and the development of revolutionising cloud platforms, gaming is easily available to most people.

Through any regular smartphone, gamers have access to a huge library of free and surely entertaining games. Amongst these, gamers can also find gambling and casino games that are usually of premium quality, and accessible from any device.


The constant interest that people have shown in developing better and more revolutionising technologies has pushed gaming to new levels of popularity. Nowadays, anybody can play a quality game through any regular device, often completely for free. The development of more revolutionising technologies like cloud gaming is only going to make this ecosystem more accessible to people, gaining a larger audience.