Do you want to know the fact that usually remains behind the scenes? Listen up. This is nothing more than a stereotype that creative people are generators of ideas and storage of inspiration. They are the same people as you, and they know perfectly well what a creative crisis, writing block, fear of a clean slate, and the like is. Fortunately, at the moment you do not need to create immortal works, but you just need to perform student paper. Below we have collected effective tips on how to get out of the creative stupor and boost the writing process.

Do not pursue a high ideal

Fear of a clean slate is a guaranteed requirement. We want to know guaranteed that we will succeed. We want to get a well-deserved reward for our efforts and time spent. But any guarantees are insidious – everyone is looking for them, but they are not guaranteed to be found.

Many students want not just everything to work out, but from the first time and perfectly. This means that we place high demands on ourselves, do not give the right to make mistakes; we are looking for guarantees of success. Our unconscious whispers that everything should be perfect at once, and if we spoil the first page, then we should not proceed further.

However, this is not correct. If you think that all great creations were written with a wave of a magic wand, you are mistaken. Dozens of draft pages were edited to get a really good result. Therefore, do not be afraid to start. Just write the things that occupy your thoughts now, and it will be much easier to move on.

Just write a plan

OK, no one forces you to write your essay from the first sentence to the last right now, without stopping. First, try to write a plan. If you just don’t have any ideas, write a future essay structure that consists of an introduction, at least three main sections, and a conclusion. This elementary action will help to start the gears in your head, and when you see the backbone of the work, ideas will appear. Make rough notes on each item, and beautiful and necessary words will appear themselves in the process.

Let the process engage you

Give yourself time to dive into the process. You can then edit and redo your text as much as you like. So just put pen to paper and start writing what comes first into your head. Let it be a description of where you are or howl over fatigue and lack of inspiration. Write it down, and the thought itself will begin to form in the right phrases on the desired topic.

Stop being afraid of other people’s evaluation

It is always easier to give a banal negative comment than to praise or criticise in a balanced way. Recognition cannot be absolute, and you had better accept it. Then it will be more pleasant to receive unexpected admiration. Fear of grades will always be present, especially during the period of study at the university. Another thing is how to relate to the estimates. It is important to accept in advance that all people are different and will never be in a single opinion. This makes the world diverse. Psychologists say in such cases, “Let others be different.” When you have coped with the fears, you will only have to cope with the text.

Do not hesitate to ask for help

It is very likely that the previous advice will help you, but you will not tell your professor about the creative crisis when he asks, “Where is your work?” He will definitely not consider it a good enough reason not to write the paper and will not be shy to give a bad rating or force you to come up something at any cost. Yet, if your strengths are mathematical formulas, nature secrets or legal laws but not an essay writing, you are always free to apply to the company that specialises in custom writing in UK. Just place an order in a few clicks and forget about your paper until people, who never faced writer’s block and who will share their experience with you, will write it.

We wish you creative success and remember that it is extremely wrong to close in upon yourself if you encounter a problem!