Donald Trump, the president of the United States (that still leaves a sour taste in my mouth) is quite the questionable character. But like him of loathe him, you can’t deny he’s provided the world with some pretty ridiculous entertainment.

Here is your typical working week presented by President Trump…


You’ve barely stepped foot into the room before your manager is giving you a gargantuan list of things to do for the day, most of them completely unrealistic.


You’re barely two days into your working week, and you’re already bored out of your mind. You’re just looking for ways to distract yourself and the others around you.


It’s hump day and someone has announced there’s donuts in the break room for everyone, but you’ve gotta make sure you’re there first – but don’t be too obvious about it…


You know you’re in trouble when your manager says, “Can I have a word?” and then has the audacity to tell you your work performance¬†sucks and that the only time you show enthusiasm is when there’s free donuts.


You successfully made it through another week, which means a sesh is on the horizon! Towards the end of the day, a colleague will ask the question, “You getting on it this weekend?”Trump


The weekend is in full swing, and you’re about to pull up to the sesh location, where all your mates eagerly await your arrival.


Just like every other night out, you all take it too far; you drink too much, do some crazy sh*t, and then spend your Sunday desperately trying to remember the antics from the night before…