Earlier this year I took a leap into adulthood and moved into my first home away from my parents. Of course I was nervous, I mean I’d never even paid a bill other than for my phone, but I was excited to start this new adventure. 3 months later and I’m still loving my little flat and my new found independence so I thought I’d share the 7 things I’ve learnt since moving out.

Unfurnished = Life Sized Sims:
When we initially moved in the flat was completely unfurnished bar white appliances and a couple of rouge lampshades. Now this may seem daunting as we all know how expensive sofas can be, but it gave us the opportunity to fulfill our dreams and play life-sized Sims! Let’s be honest, we all know that building and designing the homes were the best part of playing the game, well that and taking the steps away once they’re in the pool.

Double Bed Doesn’t Mean a Double Room:
Obviously estate agents and landlords want you to come and view their property and obviously they’re going to make it sound as attractive as possible to get you through the door. However, with many of the properties we viewed the problems started once you were through the door, as you couldn’t do much else. We quickly discovered that just because you could fit a double bed into a room, it doesn’t mean you should. There should always be room to “swing a cat”, but if you do find a decently sized home please don’t celebrate by swinging your feline friends. It’s cruel. Top Tip. If they describe a room as “cosy” you’re probably going to have to make a decision between whether you’d rather have a bed or a sofa.

More of a Monica:
Growing up I always loved the idea of becoming a “Rachel” from Friends. She was stylish, she had great hair, a job she loved and a calm attitude towards life. Since moving out I’ve quickly discovered that I’m definitely more of a Monica. She works full-time (we assume but I’m really questioning that with the amount of time spent in Central Perk), she keeps her home spotless and she’s “ALWAYS the hostess”. She’s generally mocked in the show for her love of cleaning, but is there really anything more satisfying than being able to see your reflection in your bath? Which conveniently leads us onto my next point …

Mrs Hinch is a Genius!:
Over the last year Sophie Hinchliffe has become one of the internet’s biggest sensations with her home and cleaning Instagram account. Whether she’s sharing the many, many uses of Zoflora or teaching you how to “put your sink to bed” Mrs Hinch will get you excited to “hinch” every surface and corner of your home to leave it sparkling.
@MrsHinchHome now was 2.3 million Instagram followers and Sophie has released a book with “all the best cleaning tips to shine your sink and soothe your soul”.

Supermarket Home Deliveries:
Honestly who has time to go and do the menial “big shop” at your local supermarket anymore? Not only are they incredibly boring, but you also end up falling into their trap and picking up a range of “special offers” which you don’t actually want and which you definitely don’t need. Don’t worry, there’s no judging here, we all do it.
A number of big chain supermarkets have now launched a home delivery service which means you can place an order online, and they’ll deliver it within your chosen time window on your chosen day. You have to pay a small delivery fee, but just think of the time this will save you!

It’s an Endless Cycle of Washing:
This time of year washing your clothes is one of the biggest pains around. That being said it’s not the washing which is the issue, it’s drying the damn things. Every time you seem to do a load the heavens open and the rain comes pouring down preventing you from getting it out on a line. Once they are finally dry and you feel like you’ve won, you look down and realise at the end of today you’ll be putting more clothes in the washing basket and starting the vicious circle all over again.

Stressful, but Worth It:
Moving can be an incredibly daunting and an incredibly stressful experience but one you start to find your feet you’ll blossom in your new home.