Are you a college student? Are you all geared up? Do you already have your books, bags, pens, and your much-needed confidence? If you think that you already got college all figured out, there is still one thing that you are missing: your college bike.

Your college bike will be your best friend when your school starts. It will bring you to various places and be your ally wherever you go. Because of this, it is important that you carefully choose the type of bike that you will buy for your college years.

With that in mind, which bike should a college student buy? Read this article to find out!

Why A College Student Should Buy a Bike
Before we answer this pressing question, let us first determine why a bike is the most practical investment for college students. After all, you can buy a motorcycle and a car so why should you buy a bike? Here are the amazing reasons:

• It is much more economical (and environmental too!).
You do not have to spend money on gas when you use a bike. Because of this, you can be able to save money and not have to worry about the prices of gasoline going up and down. For a college student, not having to worry about this expense is a big thing, right?

Let us also not forget about the fact that the bike (given that it does not use gas) does not produce unwanted smoke and pollution. In fact, bikes leave little to no carbon footprint.

• It is good for the body.
Aside from being good for the environment, using a bike can also be good for your health and body. Riding a bike is a cardio exercise which can get your blood pumping and your muscles working. It is also a great exercise to strengthen your respiratory system.

• It is great for the mind.
Riding your bike exposes you to the beauty of nature which can be extremely relaxing for you.

Which Bike Should a College Student Buy?
Now that you know the benefits of using a bike in college, let us try and dig deeper into the characteristics of a great college bike. These are as follows:

• Portable
The bike that a college student should buy must be compact, lightweight and portable. Keep in mind that you will be bringing it with you everywhere. And since most college students settle for a bike, than means that all the parking spaces in your campus will be filled with bikes. A portable and compact bike will ensure that you’ll have available parking space wherever you go.

• Affordable
You’re still not a hotshot businessman/Rockstar/architect/doctor, etc (yet) so I am pretty sure you would appreciate how an affordable purchase like a bike can be. But please keep in mind that while bikes are generally affordable, you can find a few bike models that are actually already worth the price of a car or a motorcycle.

To avoid the unnecessary expense, it is recommended that you first identify the necessary features and accessory that you will use. In this way, you can forego the extra features that come with high-end bikes and save money in the process.

• Reliable
A great college bike should not only be affordable but reliable as well. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for so it is important that you pay attention not only at the price but the bike’s durability as well.

With that in mind, you need to pay attention to the bike’s brakes. After all, it makes up 70% of the bike’s safety features. Make sure that the brakes are working well and if possible, go for a bike that has emergency brakes.

In addition, you also need to scrutinize the bike’s frame. The frame should be sturdy, well-designed and at the same time, lightweight. For this purpose, a bike made of either aluminum or alloy is highly recommended.

Last but not the least, you should also take a look at the bike’s rims and tires. Keep in mind that these are the parts which carry the weight of the entire bike (and your body) so you need to make sure that these parts are strong enough for it.

The wheels must be symmetrical and offer great grip while on the road. On the other hand, the frame must have an ergonomic design and well-thought of spikes.

To determine which bike brand is the most reliable in the market today, it is recommended that you take a look at a few best bikes for college reviews.

In Summary
Your college bike is one of the most important investments that you will ever have. That is why you need to make sure that you are buying the right one. So which bike should a college student buy?

Considering the monetary restrictions of a college student, a bike that a college student should buy must be portable, affordable and highly reliable. In this way, they can get value for their money!