Brooke Evers is an Australian electro-house DJ and producer who’s working her way to the top and supported DJs like Zedd, Lil Jon and Steve Aoki. Having already created a very successful modeling career for herself, she’s now become highly respected as a DJ, and not just a cover girl. We caught up with Brooke Evers to talk about breaking into the scene, fitness, fashion, and her new single ‘Feel It’. 

Brooke Evers, thank you for talking with us. Can we start by asking how long have you been DJing for?
I have been DJing professionally for about five years now. Before that I was a bedroom DJ.

How did you get into mixing/producing? 
When I moved to Sydney for a job I started learning to DJ after I scored some old decks off Timmy Trumpet. Our very good mate TARAS (who DJs around Sydney) showed me a few tricks on Ableton. He taught me how to make intros, mixes, mash-ups and more. Once I knew what I was doing I started experimenting myself, plus I had a lot of help from my now husband Matt Stafford (1 half of the Stafford bros).

Brooke Evers

Did being a female help or hinder you from breaking into the music scene do you think?
When I first started getting booked as a DJ a lot of the time venues would use my modelling background as promotion. I personally didn’t mind at all. I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved in my modelling career and after a lot of hard work and determination I’m respected as a DJ and not just a cover girl. Of course being a female in the DJ was hard at the beginning but it has now come a long way.

The number of female DJs is on the rise which is great, but why do you think for years, there was a distinct lack of girl power behind the decks? 
I was a podium dancer at a number of big dance clubs in Australia. Every weekend I was dancing and I noticed there was no female DJs. Maybe one every few months. This made me realise there’s a huge gap here that needs to change. I feel like you have to have pretty big balls in this industry. Most promoters, agencies, club owners, managers, are men. Yes it’s changing a lot but it’s still nowhere near what it should be. Women probably feel intimidated by this. I know when I first started DJing I had a horrible man tell me I’d never do well in this industry. Well I’m here to prove him wrong.

Do you find yourself hooked on your mobile and social media or are you the type that is able to put your phone down and leave it?
Hooked! Yes I admit I’m on social media all day. Unless I’m on date night or a date with my girlfriends, phones are on silent. Social media is all part of the job. I can’t help it.

I’m sure there’ll be many females out there wanting to have a body like yours – for all those looking to get into shape, what tips would you give them? 
Haha, I very much doubt it but this is it… I work hard. I don’t’ have the genetics where I can eat what I want. It has taken me years to learn what my body needs to get results. I’m a very big believer in Intermittent Fasting and a high protein low carb diet.

Brooke Evers

What’s your top fashion tip for females this summer? 
I’m all about a good pair of Levi denim short shorts. I own about 4 pairs that I DJ in, take on tour to wear, I even dress them up with a heel!

Who inspires you in terms of fashion?
I have to admit I’m really not that great at keeping up with fashion. I live in comfy active-wear, sweats and sneakers almost 90% of the time. I love Emrata’s style, she’s always chill and sexy. Kim Kardashian has to get some credit – she looks bomb 24/7 and I just follow a bunch of babes on IG that look so dope.

And whilst we’re at it, what fashion tips would you give guys?
I’m obsessed with neutral colours on guys. Nudes and Khaki with a rad high-top shoe, I love. Oh, and I love a knit jumper.

Back to music – imagine you’re relaxing on the beach, have a nice cold drink in your hand, what 3 tunes would you play, if you could only select 3?
Right now I have the St Germain, ‘Tourist’ album playing and I’d listen to any three songs on this album holding a drink [laughs].

I just checked out your track ‘Dance’ which you collaborated on with Moska, wicked tune and on one of my favourite labels Spinnin’ Records, with a highly respectable 1.1 million views, congratulations. How did that collaboration come about?
Moska released a song called Empire a long time ago. I loved playing it in my sets and started really following his style. I was working on a track in LA for a while and it needed a different element to it but I didn’t know what. I thought of Moska and literally sent him a message online. He replied and I sent him what I had done. He changed some elements, it was signed to Musical Freedom and off we went! We are working on another collaboration at the moment.

Your latest track ‘Feel It’, is amazing, and getting added straight to my Spotify playlist! How long have you been playing this live in your sets?
I’ve been testing this track out for months before I released it. It’s the best way to see the crowd vibe to it.

Brooke Evers

What has been your career highlight?
I’ve had so many highlights I wouldn’t know where to start. I’d say travelling to countries I would’ve never travelled to and watching superstar DJs like Tiësto or Martin Garrix play your tracks live.

What’s next for Brooke Evers?
I’m heading to London next week to DJ at a big after party for a massive fitness convention. Then I go back to LA for a week, then off to DJ in Monaco for Grand Prix.

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