We’ve been huge supporters of Gabrielle Aplin since we first heard her music back in 2012. Earlier this month, the effortlessly talented, English singer-songwriter released a beautiful video for her latest single Nothing Really Matters. Taking her sound in a different direction, Gabrielle showcases her beautiful and powerful voice whilst displaying her diversity as an artist. We spoke to her about the highly creative music video for Nothing Really Matters, her musical ambitions, performing, and her third album due to be released soon!

Congratulations on the release of your latest single Nothing Really Matters, it’s a brilliant and very powerful song and the video really gives it an extra layer of creativity. Just wow! How did you creatively come up with the video concept?
Thank you!

I knew what I wanted the video to symbolise and that I didn’t want a story-like narrative. I put the idea to the director of the video; Joe Connor, and he couldn’t un-see a face in the picture of a padlock I sent him – that’s when the dancers in padlock costumes happened!

Cool! When talking about the video you’ve previously said that you wanted to make something that “represented the different mind-sets and feelings involved with letting go, or opening up and taking a risk”. Was there a specific scenario or situation that inspired the lyrics to Nothing Really Matters?
Not necessarily but generally there is so much to think and worry about. I just feel that whilst all those things are important, it’s also important for us to think about what really matters to us, as individuals.

Do you find music helps you to express your own inner feelings?
Absolutely. I love to write about my own feelings, experiences and thoughts and also things that happen around me, to my friends, and things I see. Writing is a good outlet.

What is the biggest risk you have ever taken?
I’m not sure! I’m not sure I’ve taken it yet!

What does self acceptance mean to you?
Being your most true and authentic self.

As a musician have you suffered with significant lows or anxiety, and if so, how do you deal with these feelings?
As a human being I have, yes. Some days it’s harder than others, some days are easy! Sometimes I think it’s about accepting and being comfortable more than trying to force it to go away.

Do you go through stages of writing a lot of music and then having a break or do you continually write? How does this process work for you?
I like to write consistently. I definitely have stages of nothingness but I don’t want to overload myself and have nothing to write about either. I like to pace myself with writing and not do too much at once.

Nothing Really Matters - Gabrielle Aplin

What are some of your musical ambitions? Are there different genres you want to experiment with, and concepts you want to explore?
I’m constantly experimenting and exploring! I would love to travel to more countries to play music. South America is somewhere I really hope to travel more!

What is your favourite musical instrument and why?
Piano of course! They have songs hidden in them.

I’m not sure if you’ll remember but we met a few years ago when you very kindly performed at a house party we organised and again, kindly signed two guitars, one which is sitting in my living room. It’s one of my favourite items signed by yourself and Ed Sheeran. Do you have a specific item that has a lot of meaning to you?
I remember that performance I brought a dog along! My guitars are pretty special! It probably sounds a bit eye-rolling, but I try not to be too tied to possessions.

I’ve read that some people describe you as a female version of Ed Sheeran – what is your opinion to this?
I mean I will take the compliment! Though I don’t think our music is very similar… I’m a big fan of Ed.

Can we expect an album soon?
Yes! I’ve been working on my 3rd album for over a year now and it’ll be out soon, I can’t wait to share all of my new songs.

Thanks again for your time Gabrielle. I wish you the very best and look forward to hearing your new music and hopefully meeting you again someday.
Thanks so much!

Check out Gabrielle Aplin’s website below:

Interview by Ben Farrin