Who are Spaceways?

Spaceways are the most cost-effective, student storage provider covering all of London.

How Does The Spaceways Student Storage Service Work?

Spaceways will provide you with high quality, waterproof polypropylene boxes for you to pack your items into. We shall deliver these boxes to your home when you first book with us. We can then get our drivers to wait outside for you to pack your items or arrange another time for us return to collect your items once they have been packed.

We shall then take your boxes back to our purpose-built, secure storage facility where they will remain, untouched in a dry, safe and secure location, until you request your items to be returned.

Storage in our facility for your student items is just £4.90 per month, per box!

When you do need your items back, we will redeliver the boxes back to your front door.

It’s that simple!

Have bulkier items that will not fit into one of our storage boxes? Like a suitcase? Bike? or something similar? Perfect! We will take those for you too!

Why Store with Spaceways?

As we are all about helping students save money within the capital city, we thought it would be only right to provide you with our storage boxes for free.

It Is 100% Free For:

* Spaceways to deliver our storage boxes to your location.

* Spaceways to return to your location to collect your packed items

If you are unsure how many storage boxes you need, just over order. You will only pay for the boxes you actually use. We will collect the other empty boxes when we come and get your items.

You just pay for:

* Monthly rental per box (£4.90 per box, £9.00 for bulkier items that do not fit in our boxes)

* Redelivery of your items (£19 if you store for longer than 3 months, £49 if you store for less then 3 months)

So whether you are going away for the summer break, changing accomodation, don’t want to take all your belongings back and forth to uni, need to store that old canoe you used once… Spaceways have got you covered!

You can book your storage today in literally less then 2 minutes at: https://www.spaceways.co.uk

The Spaceways Team