Liam Tuffs is a fan of the masses with highly respectable morals. Known for his social media viral videos, he openly talks about how his father abused him and is now behind bars. Liam’s Facebook page of 250,000 was unpublished by Facebook, so he’s started again from scratch and quickly built a strong new following. He’s also a businessman, motivator and influencer. We caught up with the man himself to talk about his past, present and future.

Hi Liam, firstly thank you for your time. And also thank you for your advice on how to have a happy day, because ever since I watched your video I wake up knowing I’m not a “piece of sh*t”, and that makes me smile. How has the day been for Liam Tuffs?
The same as most, gratitude and ambition based.

Third time lucky on the Facebook pages situation, but it doesn’t matter how many times Facebook play games, you have your hardcore fans and Facebook can’t take that away from you. It must feel great knowing you’ve got such a massive online fan base?
Not all followers are fans lol.

If you had the opportunity to meet Mark Zuckerberg, what would you say to him?
Do you know anyone that needs security?

You talk a lot about serious issues we face as a country and often talk about crime and criminals. Knife crime for instance is a topic of one of your recent videos. Why do you think that knife crime is increasing and what in your opinion should be done to reduce it?
I feel I’m authorised to talk on the topic as I was stabbed multiple times in a frenzied knife attack that nearly cost me my life. Snowflake society is the problem. Keeping things strict and simple is key. Sentences and less sympathy for the attacker’s circumstances, a strong message needs to be sent out to the public to make them feel safe, zero tolerance, which also includes possession of a blade!

You released shocking news about how your father sexually, physically, and mentally abused you. Not only is this worse than someone’s worst nightmare but you must have felt under extreme pressure to announce this online?
The most important part of a man’s integrity is to do what is right, regardless of how it makes you feel.

Are you comfortable to explain on any level of detail as to what happened to you and for how long?
Comfortable yes, willing, no.

How did you cope, and what would you say to anyone suffering any kind of abuse be that physical or mental?
Speak up and stand tall.Liam TuffsThank you for your comments. Moving onto something light hearted, you can MOVE! Some serious rave moves you got there and what a choice of song, (GALA: Freed from Desire). What’s your favourite all time song and why?
‘Lost in Space’ by the Lighthouse Family. It takes me back to a very happy place every time I hear it.

You’re a businessman and own a security firm (Bauer Security) and Safe Trade Recruitment. But you’re also a very well respected and followed public figure and influencer (not forgetting hilarious). Do you also see the social media aspect as a business or bit of fun?
A combination of everything.

What’s the long term plan for you?
To make sure my mum wants for nothing.

Running a security firm, you must see and hear a lot of stories. What’s the funniest story you can share from working in your industry?
Asking a man to leave the ladies toilets, to find out she was a woman.

Asides from work, I see you have a beautiful dog (is it Bear?). He sure looks hard as nails. Who’s the real boss?
The dog is always the boss.

What’s your opinion on Brexit?
We should go by what the majority voted. This is supposed to be a democratic country.

Please finish this sentence: this summer I’ll…
Find something new to smile about.

Liam Tuffs top tip for students going out getting drunk?
Keep your noses clean.

Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?
Being related to my father!


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