Prom is a very popular cultural element of the US where high school students get together for a semiformal dance at the end of the year. However, with its much popularity, the trend has rampantly grown across the globe. If you are preparing for your first prom, we’re glad that you came here. In this article, we will give you some important tips which you must keep in mind when preparing for your first prom. Most of the students get confused for the first time, so it is always better to seek help from a friend who has gone on prom night before. The most important thing you need is confidence; if you have it, you surely will be able to navigate a great time with your partner.

5 tips for your first prom:


  1. Wear something classy

Don’t try to contour yourself in your mother’s wedding dress. Always get a special suit for yourself for the prom. Keep in mind that college and high school memories will never return, so you better make great memories with whatever you do. Consult your partner about the theme of the prom and if possible, wear the same color as your partner is wearing. Refrain from wearing something out of your ordinary closet.

  1. Wear minimal makeup

Too much makeup spoils the look anyways. If you want to wear makeup, then we’d suggest you get it done by a professional person. Don’t overdo anything on your face. Moreover, if it’s the summer season, your base and concealer might melt. Try to look natural and wear makeup that is coherent with your natural skin tone. Keep it light with the lipstick and don’t forget to put a lovely mascara for the eyes.

  1. Choose the perfect jewelry

While many young girls prefer not to wear jewelry and keep it simple, you can still wear whatever you like. You can get amazing jewelry items from DC jewellery if you want. If you are wearing a dress that has a lot of embroideries done on it, don’t wear heavy jewelry to the prom. However, if you are wearing something very simple and classy with texture, you can complement good accessories with it.

  1. Take a perfect camera with yourself

Don’t forget to capture all the fun moments on your phone. Your first prom night is surely going to be the most memorable night of your life. Yes, we all do carry cellphones in this day and age, but there’s no replacement of a high definition camera. Register with the school management for pictures or ask one of your photographer friends to accompany you to the party. Get clicked as much as you can so that you can encapsulate all the glittering memories.

  1. Don’t drink and drive

Prom night is an important night because many couples propose each other. Don’t spoil your night by over drinking. It is best to stay alarmed during the entire time. Many cases have been reported where drunk students from the party lost their control and ran into accidents. Drinking is considered as the life of the party, but if done too much, it can even kill you.


Lastly, enjoy the party and have a great time. If possible, do some rehearsals of the dance with your partner before the actual night.