Imagine students’ lives twenty years ago. Just think of sitting in a library with a pile of books around looking for every little detail for hours. Dull, long-lasting and inefficient, isn’t it? Well, such was educational process when our parents used to study.

Nowadays, however, we can enjoy an involving knowledge acquirement thanks to up-to-date technologies. Want to learn about a particular historical event? Watch a documentary film. Want to improve foreign language speaking skills? Contact a native speaker via Skype or Facebook. Want to discuss a controversial issue? Go to forums and talk to various people to collect all the possible opinions.

And there are so many other digital means to use for one’s education in 2019. In this article, we will describe a few of the best tools to utilize while studying.

  1. Ted Talks

This is a free platform where there are hundreds of videos on every topic existent. Are you interested in racial discrimination, the disappearance of dinosaurs, different reasons for particular human behaviour – there is definitely a video, which will cover your query in details within less than an hour. Top managers, phd holders, sportsmen as well as politicians take part in this. Check it and you will enjoy creative presentations, well-thought speeches, witty statements and updated information. There is so much to learn from them and so many extraordinary things to get to know about.

  1. Grammarly

Every student, no matter a linguist or an engineer, faces different simple as well as challenging writing assignments. With the help of Grammarly, one can increase his or her chances to receive higher grades. Why? Because this online extension checks for grammatical, syntactical as well as punctuation mistakes. It also proposes different variants of corrections. In addition, if you want an advanced check, you can pay for additional features and get even more improvements in terms of content as well as word usage.

  1. Plagiarism checkers

There is no need to mention one particular plagiarism checker, as there are millions of them. You can find both free and chargeable checkers available. Those that must be paid for can even look through the Turnitin database showing the exact level of originality. Still, it is better to use at least something, so if you have not that much money, use a free one. It can also show quite an accurate rate.

  1. Writing services

There are many companies where students order essays, case studies, courseworks or even dissertations to be completed by the top writers. However, not all of them are reliable, and a lot are a scam. So one should pick up the firm to cooperate with wisely. Check different forums as well as previous customers’ feedbacks to gather information about the services you consider paying for. Such websites as papersowl can provide assistance even for free. Some platforms also contain essays examples on various topics to lead you in your research and, of course, to show the quality of the work their writers provide.

  1. Hemingway App

Hemingway App is for those who struggle while writing a paper. No matter what type of assignment you have, whether you need to compose an article, an essay, a thesis or a dissertation, this helpful tool can come in handy. It will make the content readable by underlying all the mistakes. Hemingway App also shows whether it is harsh or not that significant. This tool is also compared to Grammarly, though there are many differences between the two.

  1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a perfect platform for both teachers and students. The former can really create a virtual classroom. They can upload homework and all the learning materials as well as lectures they give and provide students with feedback. Instructors can also post grades possible to be seen only by an individual. Moreover, everything is quite confidential and subjective here. On the other hand, students can check their progress, contact the teacher and complete their homework whenever they want and no matter place they are now.

  1. RefMe

Everyone has to write different essays, coursework, thesis as well as dissertations. Almost all of these require references to be included so that the paper is not considered to be plagiarized. However, there are so many referencing styles like APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, OSCOLA and so on. It is almost impossible to make everything according to the rules. Moreover, they are often updated, being one of the worst nightmares of each student. One step aside, one comma misplaced, and the grade is lower. It is such a pity when the writing itself is perfect, however, as references are not correct, a person gets, for example, D instead of B.

Thanks to RefMe, these issues can disappear. Fill in the needed data regarding this or that study or research, and this tool will make everything else for you. It can make bibliography, citations and reference lists according to all the requirements of the formatting style needed.

  1. Kahoot

It is an educational platform where teachers as well as young researchers can create different surveys, questionnaires and discussions to investigate particular issues. It may be created in forms of various engaging games and questions. With the help of this tool, learning is fun, dynamic and educational at the same time.

All in all, studying process can be easy and fun once you know of different tools that make it simple and satisfying. You can entertain yourself, do research fast and advance grades only having a laptop to use and being aware of the best educational apps, extensions and platforms. So read again, decide which one is needed personally by you and start downloading it or saving it to your favourite tabs on the search engine.