One of the most troubling issues among students is finding a legit way to earn extra income to help them stay on budget always. As a student, you require money to hung go out with friends, purchase textbooks, snacks, go on trips, buy clothes, and much more. With the new modern technology, you can have all these by doing different simple kinds of stuff on the internet. What’s exciting is that the methods we have shared are legit to all students in the UK and around the world. Note: You don’t have to do all the listed activities, just chose one or two that are to you and start to earn extra income. Also, these methods apply to both full time and part-time students.

Take Opinion Online Surveys

There are many online websites that pay students to provide information about views on different topics today. These websites are sponsored by different research companies to recruit members from around the world. You will be provided with a question to be filled before you are paid. Some of the companies pay up to $5 per survey. All you need is to find a legit website, sign up, and take a survey. The most popular companies include Inbox Pounds, Toluna, Pinecone, Opinion Panela, Valued Opinions, Swagbucks, among others.

Start a YouTube Channel

There is more to YouTube than just watching your favourite videos. You can earn some extra cash by creating your own YouTube channel and share with the world what you love doing. However, you will be required to get as many followers as possible before you start making some good monies. If have managed to get 1000 views on your channel, you will be paid between $1 and $5; this means that if you are lucky to have a minimum of 50,000 views in a month, you will earn whopping $100. Creating your own YouTube channel is simple and straightforward. Depending on how many subscribers you have and the quality of your content, you can earn large sums of money.


Online freelancing is another exciting activity that can earn you extra income. What is interesting is that these websites allow you to set your price and work at your preferred time. There are dozens of online freelancing jobs todays such as article writing, graphics design, and programming, virtual assistants, academic writing, etc. What you need is to have knowledge in the field you want to pursue and of course, a good internet connection. One of the best freelancing websites that accept students from the UK is Upwork. You will be required to create a profile and bid on different projects.

Sell your Old Movies, Video Games and Books

Selling your old CDs, video games, movies, and books is another great way to earn extra income in college. We have many books on our shelves that have never been opened or movies we no longer watch. Instead of leaving them to waste, you can sell and make money. Although it may seem complicated, websites like We Buy Books has simplified everything for you. All you will be required to do is enter the ISBN on the website, and then your book will be valued. Other items like CDs and Video Games can be sold on popular websites like Amazon Marketplace or MusicMagpie.

Work as a Delivery Driver or Rider

Do you have a bike or a car? Well, there restaurants and companies in the UK willing to pay you to deliver food and small parcels to their clients. You will require to download an app(s) on your smartphone and sign up before you are accepted to work. Companies like Deliveroo pays up to $16 per hour for delivering food to their customers. The good thing is that they allow total flexibility to work in your free time.

Review Online Casino Games and Websites

Online gambling is one of the booming businesses in the UK today. In fact, there are dozens of new online UK casinos and games that are launched every week. You can write reviews of new casino games or websites in your free time and get paid. Some companies will pay you up to 20 dollars for writing a 1000 word review. Alternatively, you can create your own blog post and post these reviews.

Partake in Competitions

Participating in different competitions is a legit method you can use to make money in your free time. Before you join any competition, you must be an expert in that activity. Otherwise, you may end up losing. Some of the competitions include driving, swimming, singing, or dancing.