With the number of solo travellers across the UK having risen by 5% in the last five years – according to CAA data – London Stansted Airport unveils passengers travelling alone on holiday from the airport has risen by 7% over the last five years. The findings also reveal the most popular solo travel hot spots from the airport to be coastal cities, Copenhagen and Barcelona, along with Algarve’s cultural capital city, Faro.

Looking at CAA data, culturally rich and picturesque European getaways with warmer climes top the list among solo travellers travelling from London Stansted Airport, most likely as they guarantee an excursion that is both rich in heritage yet relaxing in equal measure. With the rise in organised group activities across Europe, solo travel has become more appealing for holidaymakers looking for new and unique experiences closer to home. From restorative yoga retreats, life-affirming pilgrimages and enticing wine tours, there’s lots on offer for people travelling independently and looking for their next big adventure in destinations such as Copenhagen, Barcelona, Berlin and Prague.

Top 10 destinations for solo travellers in 2018 from London Stansted Airport

  1. Copenhagen
    2. Barcelona
    3. Faro
    4. Berlin
    5. Prague
    6. Dublin
    7. Tenerife
    8. Nice
    9. Madrid
    10. Lanzarote

‘Going it alone’ has become a noticeable trend for those travelling from the airport, as London Stansted Airport’s data reveals that one fifth (19%) of its passengers travelled alone on holiday last year.

Group travel providers, such as Topdeck Travel, offer solo travellers the opportunity to explore new adventures and experiences as part of a group. This way, solo travellers can reap the benefits of embarking on a solo adventure while travelling alongside like-minded people, guided by knowledgeable trip leaders that ensure they can experience the highlights of each destination visited.

Neringa Öhrström, Head of Marketing at London Stansted Airport, comments: ‘It’s great to see more people embracing solo travel to destinations across Europe. With these popular destinations located a mere two to three hours away from the UK, solo travel can be done over a long weekend, providing the flexibility desired for those opting to travel alone. Catering to our solo travelling passengers, London Stansted Airport offers impressive transport links in and out of the city of London, along with a multitude of restaurant and retail outlets for passengers travelling alone to enjoy ahead of their flight.’ 

Anna Fawcett, Global Head of Marketing at Topdeck Travel, comments: ‘There are many reasons why solo travellers consider group travel in Europe when embarking on a new adventure; with benefits including; a set pace of journey, the opportunity to meet new people and freedom to explore the authenticity of each destination. European destinations have proven to be popular with UK solo travellers at Topdeck Travel, with destinations such as Copenhagen, Barcelona and Portugal often high in our leaderboard for popularity. With the growing appetite for Brits to go off the beaten track and experience more active holidays, activities such as winery tours in Portugal and cycling tours in Copenhagen, are popular attractions for those who want to travel solo, but not alone.’

London Stansted Airport’s tips for stress-free solo travel: 

Allow adequate time before take-off

Travelling on your own can be much more satisfying if you allow yourself ample time and come fully prepared. By getting to the airport in good time, you’ll feel more relaxed and can enjoy some ‘you time’ by getting a nice meal or doing a spot of shopping for your trip ahead of the flight.

London Stansted AirportPlan ahead  

Travelling alone means you can steer your own experience. Make the most of the time you have by doing your research and planning your activities ahead. This way you’re able to map out the best things to do and guarantee you’ll have the best time possible on your trip. Through planning ahead you’ll also reduce the chance of feeling isolated and lonely. Make sure you check in before you arrive at the airport and book the best transfers from your arrival airport.

Book an organised group trip

Take the hassle out of planning an excursion on your own by booking a group tour or organised group trip with a provider. This way you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of travelling alone, but also ensures you have the perfect pre-planned itinerary for your trip that has been curated by a team of knowledgeable travel experts. An organised group tour also provides a great opportunity to meet and explore an unknown city or holiday destination with others that are in a similar situation to you.

Dress comfortably

Dress comfortably with easy-to-remove outerwear, belts, and shoes as this will allow you to get through security more seamlessly when you travel. You’ll also want to think about packing the most comfortable foot wear for your trip as being a tourist in a new city or town will mean a lot of exploring on foot.

Take or buy noise cancelling headphones for the flight

Flying on your own gives you the benefit of being able to relax by yourself. Buying noise cancelling headphones either from the airport or packing them in your hold luggage will allow you to have some peace and quiet during your journey.

Pack light

It may sound obvious, but if you’re travelling to and from multiple places and staying in shared hostel rooms, you’ll want to pack light with only the essentials you need for your trip. 

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