Smartphones and tablets bring a world of entertainment to our fingertips and take convenience to the next level. Games are just one click away and many of them can be downloaded for free and enjoyed indefinitely without spending a dime. There are so many developers out there that with minimal research, one can find the best free mobile gaming apps. They cover a broad spectrum of genres, ranging from video games that were ported for mobile devices, to casino and social games.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a mobile gaming app that invites players to explore the great outdoors and search for the elusive characters. It shook the gaming industry in 2016 and even though the gaming community has shrunk since then, it is still one of the most popular games. Available for free, it runs smoothly on tablets and smartphones powered by different operating systems, even older generation devices. It is one of the few games that actually compel players to leave the comfort of their homes to complete objectives. In spite of being a free app, it is often updated, with new raid and trainer battles and legendary Pokemon.

PUBG Mobile

Battle Royale video games are today some of the most popular titles, but it all started with Player Unknown Battlegrounds. Fortnite now rules the genre with an iron fist, but PUBG Mobile dominates the mobile gaming industry. The rules are the same and the last person standing is the winner, so players don’t have to worry about a steep learning curve. Optimized for mobile devices, it has a version which goes by the name of PUBG Mobile, which is ideal for less powerful gadgets. A good Internet connection and a strong desire to outshine opponents is all you need to enjoy the PUBG Mobile experience.


League of Legends and DotA 2 are by far the best paying eSports competitions, with tens of millions of dollars being awarded every year. They have no competition on desktop and laptop computers, but on mobile devices, Vainglory is the best multiplayer online battle arena game. It is also one of the best mobile gaming apps available for free, so those who love the genre should definitely check it out. Nearly 30 heroes are featured, so players enjoy the same depth of gameplay as if they were playing on PC.

Casino and Poker Apps

Online gambling operators like PlayUK casino provide their players with a different type of entertainment through specialised apps for casino, poker and sports betting. Players can download them from the official website and use pay by mobile deposit methods, as well as Apple Store and Play Store. They come with no strings attached and grant punters access to all the games available, as well as occasional bonuses and special offers. They require minimal resources and run well on all devices, being significantly less demanding than video game apps. Because of their importance for the casinos powering them, these free apps are updated often and new features are frequently added to mobile betting apps.