Asymmetrical bob haircuts are for the daring ones. As we all know, asymmetrical bob haircuts are bold and attention-seeking which are meant to get you noticed wherever you go, but for the right reasons. So, whenever you think about these bold haircuts, consider if you are ready for a significant change. Some styles are irreversible once you start.

Another thing to note is that asymmetrical haircuts are ideal for women with asymmetrical features since they help in balancing your face. Are you ready to try this amazing style? Here are some of the best asymmetrical bob haircuts to choose from. Good luck with your selection.

1. Bob and A Half.

This is a classic twist on jaw length bob haircut. One side of this haircut is maintained longer than the other and teamed up with a side fringe to give this asymmetrical bob a modern appeal.

2. Tapered Short Bob.

This bob is a cute modern take on the 60’s bob style. The layers at the crown are razored through to give the manes a light but messy texture.

3. Extreme Asymmetrical Cut.

This hairstyle is characterised by one side that is elongated more than the other. What is more visible, however, is the front locks that are kept longer than those at the back.

4. Straight Hair and Sweeping Fringe.

If you don’t want to go too extreme when styling an asymmetrical bob, incorporate a sweeping fringe. This hairstyle is low maintenance since the only thing you need to do is to comb your fringe from either side.

5. Asymmetrical Cut with A Lot of Volume.

You can come up with a lot of volume for your style by brushing your hair over starting at the roots. After combing it, pull as many manes as you need across from either side.

6. Asymmetrical Style and Side Fringe.

Apart from incorporating side fringe into your asymmetrical bob, you can opt to pair it with soft curls for a fantastic look. Style all the hair to one side and complement it with eye makeup for a unique look.

7. Tousled Lock.

Tousled locks are a fantastic casual look that can be rocked when you want a universal style. To achieve loose curls, use a curling product on your hair. To apply it, scrunch it through the hair as you blow-dry your hair. Afterward, run your fingers through the hair to create waves and a tousled appearance.

8. Messy Sleepover.

A messy sleepover also called shaggy sleepover is an excellent option if you are looking for a “just coming from my bed look” it is the best option if you need a temporary asymmetry.

9. Fine Curls.

For women with straight hair, you can realise this style by the use of a curling iron. Start by curling large portions of your manes and then separate them slowly into smaller sections and then apply holding spray. However, do not pull the curls so much, lest you destroy them.

10. Short Bob Cut.

A short asymmetrical bob such as this is ridiculously easy to maintain. To enjoy easy styling, maintain your hair cropped past the ears and then trim it into an asymmetrical fringe.

11. Bouffant Bob.

This was a popular haircut in the late sixties. However, the contemporary look has been modernised by the asymmetrical twist. A bouffant style involves coming up with high volume near the top of your head.

12. Heavy Straight Bob.

If your hair is thick, this is the right asymmetrical bob you should be thinking about. To achieve this look, use a ceramic straightener to ensure that all the hair is in one place.

13. Reveal Your Roots.

Do you want to show how tidy your roots are? This is a cool hairstyle to choose from. The natural colour of your roots will be the centre of attention since the upper layers are maintained light and transparent. To make both the colour of the roots and that of the upper layers visible, sweep the hair over in an asymmetrical cut. We hope you enjoyed reading about these bob haircuts.

Featured image via @shorthair_love on Instagram