It’s no longer surprising to hear that a student is also attending to his or her work shift after school or during the weekends. In fact, it is estimated that about 70 to 80% of college students are also out in the labor market while enrolled in college.

Students who are working or finding ways to earn money as they study may have their own reasons to do so. For some, it could help them start paying the student loans they have. Some just really need to do something worthy during their free time.

But of course, there is still that percentage who thinks working while enrolled or studying is simply not ideal. After all, studying alone is already time-consuming. However, what you should know is that there are actually ways for you to make money without going outside to work.

With the digitalization of many things and the advancement of technology, there are now just plenty of ways to make money online. Here, we’ve made a list of the things you can do online if you’re someone who prefers not to get tired of working a shift outside after school hours.

  • Answering Online Surveys

Sounds easy, right? It really is! However, as simple as this sound, answering online surveys that will allow you to earn a few bucks is a serious business. This is actually a great way for you to help shape products, be it digital or not.

Plenty of apps or companies out there are willing to pay a few dollars for people who take the time to answer their surveys. Some websites you can check are IPSOS, Survey Junkie, and Survey Savvy. Some of these companies would pay through PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, or even through checks.

  • Cashback Apps

Now, this is something that could only help if you’re fond of shopping online. The thing about cashback apps or websites is that they give you varying amount of cash back for each item you purchase online. Cashback apps nowadays are not only focused on product purchases.

If you’re fond of having your food ordered online, then this will help you save a few bucks. You may not get your cash back right away, but you’ll find this great by the time you’re allowed to withdraw your cashback.

  • Play Online Real Money Games

Playing real money casino games may actually also be a good way to double or even triple your money. There are even casino sites that won’t require you to have a minimum deposit and even give you a £20 sign up bonus.

Sign-up bonuses are surely good deals as these are what you can use for free spins. Did you know that there are quite a few note-worthy big wins from free spins? Aside from the potential of winning a few or even plenty of money from playing casino games, it’s simply relaxing. This could be a great way to destress after the long hours at school.

  • Review Music

If you’re into music and is quite a critic when it comes to both lyrics and melodies, then you may want to try this out. Websites like Slicethepie allow unsigned bands and artists to upload their music online so that people can review it for money.

You can earn as much as £40 for this. Even if that’s not a lot, your love for music probably won’t even let you reminded that you’re doing a review for some cash.

  • Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is not just popular for its cat videos anymore. There are now plenty of YouTubers who made it and are earning hundreds and millions of dollars by sharing their content on YouTube. What’s fun about this is that you get to pick the kind of content you get to share with the world.

Although this may come out as a great way to earn money, know that many people and even businesses are getting on this wagon. It may take a while for you to rip the benefits of having a popular YouTube channel, so only do this if you can commit to it.

  • Become a Mystery Shopper

If you’ve never heard of this before, then you’re missing out. Mystery shoppers are basically people who are paid to visit shops, restaurants, or any other commercial places to check on how they are performing. You get to be in disguise as you do this.

What’s great is that mystery shoppers are actually paid nicely. Depending on how big the agency is, you can get paid for as much as $25 per shop visit. Just know that agencies prefer to get people who are detail-oriented and can be objective and organized while they do the job.