Men’s haircuts – By the time college comes along, you want your hairstyle to speak of your individuality and style while remaining versatile and simple enough for campus life. This new era of a guy’s life brings with it the challenges of preparing for the future, along with carving out an identity in the adult world. What better time than now to find a new style that speaks of this transition?

Before heading to the barbershop, make sure you have an idea of what style you’re after. From the eternally stylish quiff to the easy, tousled look of a long hairstyle, options range from polished to careless. Get inspired by these hottest hairstyles for young guys.


Men's HaircutsOne of the most iconic styles in men’s haircuts is undoubtedly the fade. This timeless cut’s popularity stems from its clean, low maintenance look. The classic fade comes in many variations, including a high, mid, low, and bald fade. It’s suitable for short to medium length hair while leaving room for experimentation.

The style doesn’t require much upkeep, making it a favorite for college guys around the globe. Some young men interested in barbering may want to cut their own fade at home. All you need is a steady hand, two mirrors and a set of high quality clippers. Otherwise, ask your barber for the best faded haircut for you.


If you’re looking for cool, casual, vintage or street looks, the undercut may be your go-to style. First made popular in the early 20th century, this style is defined by its short sides and a disconnected long top.

The longer top of the hair can be styled in a myriad of ways, from slicked back, side parted, or combed over. This cut works well with all types of hair, whether straight, curly, or wavy, making it all the rage among college aged guys.

Comb Over

Comb Over FadeThe classic comb over style has long been a favorite for businessmen and professionals. Today’s comb over styles have reinvented and revitalized the cut into a more modern and fresh look for young guys.

The hallmark of this cut typically involves a side part and can be added to an undercut or fade. College guys love the ease of this style.


Looking for a style that’s edgy and iconic? Since the 1950s, the quiff has represented the rock ‘n’ roll revolution with its top-heavy rebellious style. This style blends together the pompadour, flat top and at times, a mohawk to create a one of a kind look that’s sure to turn heads.

A modern quiff calls for long hair on the top of head, with a visible distinction from the hair on the sides and back of the head. The hair on top is styled high, with hair brushed back from the forehead. A large dose of product is required to keep this style going all day long.

Slick Back Hair

Slick Back HairAs a style that’s been around for the last century, the slick back has been gracing the heads of smart, stylish men since the days of Gatsby. The beauty of a slick back hairstyle is the versatility and ease of its upkeep: the only requirement is that you have enough hair on top to comb it back.

For college guys who need to get up and out in the morning, it’s a relatively simple option for guys on the go. Plus, slicked back styles are one of the best hairstyles for men with wavy hair who want a classy yet sleek look.

Faux Hawk

The 80s mohawk days saw harsh strips of hair running from the front to the back of the head. The modern take of a faux hawk offers a more subdued take on the traditional style, with sides of the head cut shorter and less distinction from the top of the head.

Faux hawk styles range from a tame short version to a dramatic longer version with blended proportions. Finger combing and product are an essential to get this style right.

Messy Hair

Messy HairA trend seen in recent years, the messy hairstyle doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Messy styling can be added to many haircuts that use short to long hair on the top of the head.

This look’s popularity among college guys is undoubtedly due to the cut’s ease and carefree style, but looking effortless and disheveled does take a bit of work. Whether you choose a messy crop top or a messy Mohawk, the trick is to make the style look rugged and effortless without requiring much effort on your part.

Spiked Hair

The days are over for the spiked hair of the 90s. Known by their sharp thorny points held up with loads of gel, this style has long been forgotten. In its place is the softer, stylish and modern look of the spiked haircut.

Ideal for most hair textures, spiked hair looks great with a fade or undercut on the sides and can be incorporated into a quiff, faux hawk, or mohawk.

French Crop

French CropOne of the latest trends in men’s haircuts is the French Crop haircut. It’s a fresh take on the military crew cut or Caesar. Hair on top of the head is cut short at 1 or 2 inches, with bangs brushed forward, putting emphasis on the front fringe.

Perfect for short hair, the French Crop requires minimal styling that’s suitable for college guys afraid of commitment.

Long Hair

When it comes to long hairstyles for men, the options are pretty much endless. Made wildly popular in recent years, the man bun, topknot and ponytail are some of the best-known hallmarks of the long hairstyle.

Styles range from undercuts and fades on the sides of the head, to the classic “long hair don’t care” look that’s found its way into the mainstream. Whatever style you pick, just talk to your barber about long hair for men and get their advice on the right men’s haircuts and styles for you.