“I’m Jack Maynard, 24, a Sagittarius, a keen content creator, a DJ, a Presenter, I enjoy long walks along the beach and I like to party. Now the weird part’s out the way… I upload videos every Tuesday! (Sometimes more if I try really hard) Usually they involve all my friends, and sometimes my friends don’t answer their phones so I have to film alone.”

Hello Jack Maynard! How are things?
I’m really well thanks, things are great!

You started your YouTube channel in 2015. Before this, did you know what you wanted to do with your life?
I was never really sure what I wanted to do – I just knew it involved being in front of a camera! Whether that was TV or YouTube, I didn’t really know. But after a year of TV presenting, I finally thought it was time to start my YouTube channel, and here we are!

How important are YouTube collaborations when trying to grow your fan base?
Personally I think they are very important, almost vital. Of course you could get a huge audience without them, but for me, collaborating with other creators, sharing our audiences, getting your ideas out there for even more to see really helped me gain the audience I have today.

You are not so active on Facebook, why is this?
Good question. I don’t think there is any real reason for this. It is my least followed social media page and I also just prefer things like YouTube, Instagram Twitter etc as I feel it is easier to interact with my fans so I tend to use those most.

In your opinion, what makes great content?
It may sound cliche, but for me whatever content the creator enjoys making most! As long as you make it your best piece of work possible, it tends to come across great. For me I find my best videos/perform the best are the ones that I have enjoyed creating the most.

What interests you more, creating vlogs or music?
This is a tough one! I love the energy I have whilst on stage DJing and the instant reaction you get from the audience is just so much fun and I never really want it to end! But on the other hand, Having a video you’ve spent ages planning, filming, editing etc perform great with an amazing response is also such an amazing feeling. I’ll having to meet you in the middle and say my GOAT music videos I make with my brother Conor.

What’s your career highlight so far?
I’d have to say my own sold out tour for sure! traveling all over the country, meeting my fans, putting on the best show I could was just incredible! That day I hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube wasn’t bad either.

Do you ever get mistaken for Conor? If so, is this annoying?
At the beginning I did sometimes, but not so much now [laughs]. We’ve both gone on to do our own things at such a high level so most people tend to know, but they always ask me when he’s next releasing music!

As kids, who was the naughtiest out of you, Anna, and Conor? What was the naughtiest thing you remember doing?
I hate to say it, but it was me. I was the one who would get in the most trouble at school etc. I never did anything particularly terrible, just more consistent!

What’s your favourite tattoo (on you), and why?
Another tough one. It changes a lot, but I think the one on my wrist, It says ‘Semper ad meliora’. It’s a motivational tattoo which basically means ‘Always towards better things’.

Has music always been a big thing in the Maynard family?
It has yes. My granddad was a singer/actor when he was younger, so was my dad. Then of course Conor took over and my sister also sings. I just DJ [laughs].

How has fame changed your life?
For me with the position I’m in the part I’m most grateful for is all the other opportunities YouTube has given me, Like DJ for instance. Without YouTube I doubt I would have ever done my own UK tour DJing.

Does the business side of the industry bother you at all?
I find it so interesting! Business was never something I was taught at school, so to now be really involved and always learning along the way is great. But of course it has its stressful moments.

Is being the middle child really that bad?
[Laughs] Not at all, I actually quite enjoy being the middle child… No pressure!

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, what would be your plan of action?
Get the camera out and try to get a good thumbnail!

Top tips for throwing an amazing house party?
Well I don’t want to give all my secrets away, but.. the playlist is VITAL. Also, apologise to your neighbours before you have the party, or even just invite them!

Tell us all about your new book?
It’s all about my life and growing up online! I talk growing up with a famous brother, how I started YouTube, I’m a celeb, everything! I just want to educate the younger generation about growing up online and the digital footprint everything you post online leaves, so be responsible!

How can we get our hands on it?
It’s available for pre-order now, there are so many different pledge options such as a signed copy and merch etc. Head over to any of my social medias to find it!

Jack Maynard Interview by Ben Farrin