In the first year of university, freshers week never really stopped. You kept partying at every opportunity you get. As the second year of your studies rolls around you’ll start to feel the pain in your wallet. You can’t party forever, eventually money or rather lack thereof, will seriously put a dampener on your parade. Well, in this day and age students can have just as much fun staying in as you would going out. A Friday night doesn’t always have to end half drunk and smelling of a takeaway. In fact, it’s more to your benefit to have amazing experiences in your bedroom or living room. Don’t get any funny ideas. What we’re talking about among other things, is video games and especially virtual reality. Educational videos about the world after university is content you should really take seriously to help you when you leave. And learning how to feed yourself is definitely something you’ll want to do.

Friday night debates?

Many students won’t be learning about finance and the economy, but we must all become a part of it when we leave university. To get a better heads up to things like taxes, businesses, growth, loans, geopolitics and more you should form a small debate club for Friday nights. This could be a bunch of your own friends or perhaps the friends in your own dorm. Watching YouTube channels like Real Vision Finance, Greg Mannarino and Peter Schiff would help to educate you on what kind of policies have worked and failed in the past. You can also attain better knowledge about the different economies around the world and what their history is regarding banking, investing and future funding. Of course not everyone will agree, but that’s why debates with friends is so vital to your learning and understanding of ideas.

Getting a bit physical

You are the new generation that will be taking video games unto better and higher heights. In the near future, virtual reality gaming will become the norm, so why not start now? Rather than continually spending money on nights out, you could buy yourself an Oculus Rift and have some truly amazing experiences in your own dorm room. Take a look at the best Best Sport VR Games such as Sprint Vector. You put the Rift headset on and you enter into a physical challenge. By your range and rapidity of movement your character will sprint and dodge incoming items. Of course it’s best to have this race with one of your friends beside you to make it competitive.

A life lesson

Every single week, on a Friday night you should cook something new. You have the world at your feet because you can find just about any recipe online. However YouTube channels like Jamie Oliver, Gennaro Contaldo and Munchies, offer you plenty of content that will take you step by step through some delicious recipes.

Going out every Friday night is going to get taxing, so why not actually learn about taxing? Various financial YouTube channels are great to learn from but also great to have debates about with your friends.