Men are quickly being incorporated in the fashion and beauty industry. Looking good and dressing up is no longer a thing for women only. Today, several fashion and beauty trends are unique to men.

When it comes to beauty for men, haircuts contribute a huge chunk of it. A haircut can frame the face and bring out the best parts of a man. However, you need to have a keen eye for details for you to master a haircut that works for your face type and is inclusive of your daily activities and errands. While consulting your barber can help you figure out some of these things out, there is another way for you to grasp this information. Read on to know about haircut tips that never run out of fashion:

Master your face type

If you have been going to the same barber over the years, then you may have never figured out what your face type is. There are different types of faces, including, square, oval, long and triangle, to mention a few. Each of the face types has a couple of favorable haircuts that work best. The wideness of your face along with the shape of your jawbone determines your face type. If you do not like the haircuts you have been getting, it is probably because they do not fit your face type.

Stick to a Routine

Once you identify a haircut that works best for your face type, stick to it. This will help you establish a brand look for your face. If you want to change things up, go for something a little similar to the haircut you have. This consistency makes it easier for your barber to deliver on perfection in giving you the best haircut.

Having a routine also means establishing a timeline for which you visit a barber. Unless on specific occasions, there is no reason for you to be storming the barber’s shop every couple of days. Establish a routine where your barber knows to expect you after 2 or so weeks.

Get the best hair trimmer

Having a hair trimmer is always a great idea, whether or not you get your hair cut by a professional barber. Instead of having to rush to a hairstylist every week to retouch your haircut, have a Wahl sterling mag trimmer on your home shelf. This will help you tame stray hairs as well as maintain the length you always go for in your haircut of choice.

A fade is always on trend

Fading your hair along the neck, sides, and back of your hair is always a good idea. It provides precision and depth to your haircut. Technically, a fade is very trendy right now, but it has always been the case. Whichever the hairstyle you go for, a fade on some of these areas will give you a nice and polished look.

Master your hair type

Now that you know what your face type is, master your hair type. The type of hair you have can either be wavy, curly, straight, fine or thick. Depending on the nature of your hair, you can determine the best products and haircuts to benefit your hair.

Decide on the hair length

The perfect haircut is only achievable if you are consistent with the length of hair you are willing to keep. The styling options and maintenance differs per length. The longer the hair, the more maintenance it requires. The versatility of the haircuts will also be affected by the length you have. Remember to settle for a hair length that complements your beard, since your facial beard will also play a huge role in the final presentation.