Moving to New York City from the United Kingdom, can be a tiring a daunting task. For many people embarking on this adventure it will be the first big test for life in the city. Many people moving to NYC are unable to afford rentals alone and it is even more difficult for college students as you are more likely on a tight budget.

Haven’t found a place yet?

If you have applied at a New York based university and still have not found housing for students in NYC, don’t worry, you have plenty of options. You don’t have to lock yourself down to a lease just yet, and you can still search for the apartment you prefer. You should consider temporary housing while you secure the place you want to live in.

Why co-living?

Co-living is popular with youngsters, especially students from other parts of the world. There are so many reasons to consider off campus student housing rather than dorms, these include:

  1. Security –dorms are very safe and take security seriously, often only allowing people to enter if they have student access cards. Off campus student housing is slightly more relaxed but some of them do have high tech security which use face recognition or fingerprint technology.
  2. Beds: college dorms have twin mattresses or even bunk beds which are not always comfortable. Off campus housing usually have a full bed in each room.
  3. Aesthetics – dorms don’t really have much to offer that would appeal to a young person except its convenience. They offer practical stuff that is typically made to last. However, off campus housing are designed to entice young people with fun accessories and furniture.
  4. Extras – dorms don’t come equipped with necessities like kitchenware and cleaning products. Off campus livings offers students more independence while also providing all the necessities that you need like crockery, cutlery and cleaning services.
  5. Community – both options offer a community to their dwellers. With dorms you are surrounded by students who are similar to you, with similar interests. However off campus housing could offer you the opportunity to meet new people who don’t have the same classes as you do. You may even be sharing a room with students who are not on the same campus as you, thus allowing you to meet new people and expand your knowledge base.

NYC vs London

You may be wondering, hot dogs or crumpets? Yellow taxi or yellow cabs? Let’s compare the reasons you should consider studying in NYC.

  1. Nightlife and entertainment – I’m sure you have heard that NYC is known as the city that never sleeps. Many of their bars, restaurants, and even shops stay open until the early hours of the morning. However, in London, most entertainment spots close by 11PM during the week.
  2. Transportation – NYC has cheaper modes of transportation like taxis, buses and a subway that operates 24 hours a day. London however runs the tube for 24 hours a day only on weekends.
  3. Food – both NYC and London have amazing food to offer especially if you are travelling by foot. If you are from the UK, you will love that the city has the same amazing cafes waiting to be discovered, little boutiques and breath-taking architecture.
  4. Diversity – both NYC and London have a population of around 8.4 million and the foreign born residents is around 40% of its population. Since you are used to diversity in your home in the UK, you will enjoy the fact that NYC is so similar.

Why study in NYC?

NYC is well-known for its history and is known by many as the signpost for the American dream. For many international students thinking of coming to NYC, the American Dream of prosperity and opportunity couldn’t be more real. NYC is globally recognised as the financial centre of the world and a hotspot holiday destination for many travellers. There are so many private and premier public educational systems that you as a foreign student can choose from. Your options include universities from the State University of New York (SUNY) system or the City University of New York (CUNY) system.

NYC is also known as a cultural hub and cater to people of all nationalities, often showcasing concerts and performances that appeal to different cultural groups.

There are so many reasons to consider studying in New York City, and student housing in the city. It is by far an amazing experience for anyone wanting to explore it. Students have so many options before them, and UK students will feel right at home especially because NYC is so full of cultural diversity and home to people from so many different walks of life.