PopSockets – You’ve all seem them, but what about PopWallet?

PopSockets, you’ve got one, your friends have got one, your mum’s got one and even your boss has got one. When they start to make phones for your dog, I’m sure they will have one too. PopSockets are everywhere, the phone accessory that we never knew we needed and now that they’re here, they’re here to stay!

We recently got to talking with the guys over at PopSockets because we noticed they had some exciting things going on and we just had to get involved. Fast forward 2-3 business days and we’ve all got a NEW PopWallet+ stuck to the back of our phones and here’s why you should too.

Let me take you into first-person for a minute and start from the beginning, I have been using PopSockets for years now because phones are getting bigger and I have embarrassingly small hands. My problem was solved and now I have a new ritual – I get a new phone, I get the case to go with it and then the PopSocket goes straight on the back.

No more phone in the face when I’m scrolling Instagram in bed, no more cracked screens and no more two-handed madness. This accessory gives me the ability to use my phone with ease and comfort, plus provides the added benefit of standing my phone up to watch videos, shoot with the camera and Facetime… with no hands! Did I mention it functions as a mount in your car as well!?

Now that I have one, I can’t not have one.


Enter the PopWallet and PopWallet+

This is one of the latest ideas to come out of PopSockets HQ which sees a sleek, stylish three-card wallet sit on the back of your phone with an optional PopSocket attached to the back of that.

Hands up who leaves the house with a hundred and one different things to carry? Any opportunity to cut down on that and I’m on board, all I do now is pick up my phone and my keys and I have never felt so free. Okay I’m being dramatic, but it’s great!

I’m sure I don’t have to explain this one to you because it’s the first place my mind went when I saw these, but going on a night out? Grab your phone, slot your ID, your student ID and your mum’s debit card in and off you go!

Head over to the PopSockets website now for fully customizable accessories galore, you can even get Swarovski studded versions of these bad boys!

Go go go!