Based at Francesco Group Birmingham Salon and Academy, Michelle Thompson is one of FG’s many shining stars. She has won the prestigious British Hairdressing Award for Afro Hairdresser of the Year three times and she is a worldwide ambassador for popular Afro & Curl hair product brand, Avlon.

We spoke to Michelle about her passion for hairdressing and what inspires her.

What is your first memory of appreciating really great hair?

Michelle: I kind of fell into hairdressing and started as a Saturday Girl when I was a teenager. I loved watching my boss at the time doing hair, he could do all hair types and I was just mesmerised watching him work with Afro and curly hair especially. I also loved looking through magazines and seeing how impactful hair could be. I’ve always had an interest in hair, so I wouldn’t say there was a defining moment; it was just a constant interest of mine.

Who inspires you?

Michelle: It changes as trends do; I enjoy looking to other hairdressers and seeing how they adapt to change. When I used to do a lot of cutting it was Akin Konizi and Vidal Sassoon, because their precision cutting was just so spot on. But at the moment there aren’t many shorter haircuts or precision cuts, it’s more about dressing hair, longer hair and colour at the moment, so various people who are doing that well inspire me.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Michelle: Creating. I’m all about thinking of an idea and making it come to life. I love putting all the pieces together, I think it’s what I do best. I thrive off creative high pressure. Ideas are always going around in my head and when they come to fruition and they work well, it’s just so rewarding.

What was the vision when FG opened the salon & academy in Birmingham?

Michelle: Our vision was to make sure that every client felt like a VIP and to ensure that we never have to turn a client away because of their hair texture or type. Clients call our salon a ‘God-send’ and that means so much to me, because it shows that our dream has come true. Every single stylist in this salon can do all hair types and that was always Frank’s (Dellicompagni, Company Founder) vision and he made it into mine and now it’s becoming a reality.

If you could cut or style anyone’s hair who would it be?

Michelle: It would have to be Meghan Markle, I’d love to find out what it’s like being the first black woman in the Royal Family and I’d also like to be the person that gets her to embrace her afro hair!

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