The chic accessories brand Khisu, is revolutionising how valuables are carried with its innovative Body Pocket and is giving you the chance to get an exclusive 30% discount.

If you thought the safety advice around carrying your valuables separately from your main bag was just for when you travel, think again. With pickpocket thefts increasing over the winter months, there’s never been a better time to introduce small but smart lifestyle changes to safeguard your valuables and yourself.

The Khisu Body Pocket is more than just an anti-theft product. Founded with a mission to provide a genuine choice in taking responsibility for your own security and mobility, it offers a practical solution to keeping your valuables safe without sacrificing style.

The brand’s unique approach combines function with fashion to offer a smart accessory you can use as part of your everyday student life – it’s a game-changer!

Made from luxuriously soft bamboo that is breathable and naturally anti-bacterial, the handy underarm pouch discreetly sits on the shoulder under a jacket. The three spacious pockets comfortably hold a phone, keys and cards, keeping them out of sight from petty thieves. With a fully adjustable strap, two-way zippers for ease of access and available in a unisex midnight blue colour, the hands-free solution can be used by men and women.

So, whether you are heading out on a day trip, going to a gig or simply hanging out with friends, get the Body Pocket for a stylish, secure and hands-free student experience.

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