When it comes to choosing a career we can often find ourselves in a situation where we really don’t know what we want to do when the time comes to choose. It can be hard to make such a life long decision and often people just don’t know what they want to do. But with a bit of experience as a student and in life you can start to determine where your strengths lie. Many people love the idea of helping others when it comes to their career. You might need to start thinking about your next steps and moves, so with that in mind, here are some career options that could also benefit others as well.

Working abroad and teaching English

Many people have the ambition of working abroad at some stage in their lives. Wanting that experience of a different culture, living in a different country and helping others. Working abroad can be something where you pick up a trade and do it elsewhere, but you could also find that trahing people english extremely rewarding. You may find that this helps you gain a lot of perspective, especially if you choose to work in poorer countries that need a lot of help and support from others. 

Being involved with a charity

Being involved with a charity can be equally as rewarding. Whether you choose to give foreign aid, build schools or shelter in poverty stricken countries, or work closely with local charities at home, the work you do could potentially change peoples or animals lives and it could definitely be a rewarding career move to make. Often people who work within charities have a connection with the work they do in some way.

Helping people to experience things 

This may not sound as selfless as some of the other suggestions, but people still want to be able to enjoy their lives. You could be one of the people that help to make this happen. by training in the travel or airline industry. You may look at ACS top aviation universities in the area, or find that you want to train specifically with an airline. It may even be ground staff or air traffic control, helping people to book holidays of a lifetime or showing them parts of the world you are also passionate about. 

Becoming a health professional

There is no greater way to help people than when you find them at their most vulnerable, and so working as a health professional could really do that for you. Whether you choose to train as a nurse, a carer or even help deliver babies as a midwife, it can be one of those careers where everyday you are helping people and being part of their lives and their journey.

Working online and sharing your passions and beliefs 

Finally, working online and sharing your passions and beliefs can actually be a great way to help people. For example, through a blog or YouTube channel. You may have a passion to share your views and experiences through parenting or from being a student, your home makeovers and lifestyle choices, and even hope to make a change or allow someone to feel less alone through a tough situation. Writing and working online can help you to do that and these days people have been able to make their online blog and social accounts their full time jobs. 

Let’s hope that this has inspired you to consider a career where other people can benefit.