When you’re a struggling student, discounts on things like train tickets, cinema visits, eating out and even clothing can be a real godsend.

This can be especially true as you enter your final year… As you’re preparing for that first opportunity to do a job that resembles something you’re genuinely interested in, there’s a fair chance your wardrobe could do with a bit of an overhaul to get you looking ship-shape to impress at those interviews.

This is exactly the position Jess found herself in as she approached the end of her studies. She said: “I’d just put so much into my dissertation, and preparing for exams that I’d not really had any reason to leave the house other than to go to the library for about 6 months!”

“I managed to land interviews for a couple of jobs that I was really keen to make a good impression at and realised I had nothing appropriate to wear. It just seemed like the time to have a bit of an image update,” she told us.

But – as ever – the thing standing in the way of the new Jess was money… “I’d not spent loads over the previous few months because I’d been so busy with uni, so I had a bit of a budget – but it still wasn’t quite enough to get what I was really after.”

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