Whether it’s University, college or six-form you’re starting, higher education can be a daunting and tough time for many of us, so it’s important that during your studies you keep your body and mind strong and durable. To keep you on track and keep your education consistent, here are 4 simple yet effective methods to ensure you are up for the task at hand!
Be Healthy  

You cannot expect your brain and body to work at their peak if they’re being fuelled by poor quality food sources and energy drinks! Remember, eating well does not mean it’s going to be beyond your spending budget, it just means you need to manage your time to cook at home rather than eating out all the time. This will most likely mean the food is better for you as you’re in control of what your consuming, alongside that, it should also be cheaper!

Top Tip – Try to pick one or two days over the course of the week to cook batches of food so you always have something to go to when you are hungry. Making a healthy Vegetable Curry, Bolognese or Chilli Con Carne can be a good option for cheap yet tasty meals!
Be Prepared

Over the coming months, you’re most likely going to be swamped with socials and studying, so it’s imperative you start planning ahead to avoid getting overwhelmed and stressed, and to stay on track for success. To keep on top of things, we advise you keep a daily and weekly schedule to keep a healthy and controlled balance to your life.

Top Tip – When building your schedule, make sure you make space for some ‘me time’ as this can really help with keeping your body and mind work in harmony!

Be Active

To keep your mind sharp, it’s imperative you keep your body fit and well. Every day, try to put aside at least 30 minutes of physical activity. It doesn’t need to be massively intense, but hitting the gym, park or a run around your local area can really help keep your brain and body stimulated and fresh for your upcoming studies!

Top Tip – When getting physically active, it’s always best to speak to a professional to ensure you are completing the exercises safely and effectively. If you are going to head to a gym, ensure you ask for help if you’re new to it (or if you feel like you need a recap!).

Be Competitive

A great way to make new friends and improve your health is to get involved in some kind of sport or activity with other students. A lot of colleges and universities offer a range of organised sports, from Rugby and Football to Cheerleading & Dance. So, whether you’re experienced in the activity you choose, or new to it, enquire and get involved!

Top Tip – If your college or university doesn’t offer the activity you wish to get involved in, see if you can set up your own club or team!