Last year, Vape Direct who are based in Milton Keynes and Buckingham helped over 200 hundred students to quit smoking with their student initiative, offering massive discounts to anyone holding student ID cards.

We caught up the owners of Vape Direct to talk about how vaping has changed the smoking habits of many students within the Milton Keynes and Buckingham area.

Why is Vape Direct helping students to switch from smoking to vaping?

I used to be a student myself and smoking back then used to be something everyone did and was seen more sociably acceptable. These days smoking isn’t something we see everywhere, we all here about the health warnings and I think most people know the dangers associated with smoking.

In contrast, Vaping has been in the news a lot recently for having far less adverse health effects and because of that we have seen a massive influx in people looking to switch.

How have we been helping students?

With students, we see a common goal. Not only to become healthier but to save money. The cost of smoking these days has gone through the roof and by comparison Vaping can be a far more cost-effective solution.

We already offer some of the most competitive prices in the Milton Keynes and Buckingham area. But in addition to this, we offer all students who present a valid student ID card a separate customer tiered pricing structure.

All students receive 20% off marked retail prices across the entire product range and online using the code VAPE20.

What do Vape Direct Shops have to offer?VAPEAll our shops offer a friendly and welcoming environment for anyone looking to switch from smoking to vaping. We have extremely knowledgeable staff at hand who offer expert advice on everything vape related from how to get into vaping from an entry level point of view to the more complex aspects of vaping.

All our products are displayed so that customers can see exactly what we have to offer and can pick up, handle the products before they buy.

We also offer over 500 different flavours of E-liquids that can be used with a variety of vaping devices.

What is most impressive about Vape Direct is that customers can try every single flavor we have to offer before they buy. This is something that helps us stand out from the crowd and something that our customers really like about our shops.

VAPEWhat is the most popular device for students looking to switch to vaping?


The Uwell Caliburn is a lightweight, compact pod vape kit recommended for users of all experience levels. Powered by a 520mAh built-in battery, it is simple to operate with two firing modes and uses 2ml refillable pods.

Designed to be used wherever you go, the Caliburn, while light utilizes a solid construction creating a hardwearing device. The battery will offer up to a full day’s vaping between charges, with an inbuilt LED acting as a battery life indicator.

This Uwell Caliburn has increasingly become our most popular selling product and retails at a price of £24.99. Students however can pick up this up for just £19.99 with their 20% Discount!!!