You wouldn’t believe, but people managed to study without the Internet not so long time ago. Moreover, they didn’t need to use Facebook to invite their college friends to a party. How did it change the learning process and our life in general? Here are several positive aspects to discuss:

  • Social media encourage collaboration.

Social networking sites boost content sharing. Being a student, you can collaborate on an assignment or project easily. To do it, you don’t need to meet in person to work together. For example, you can do it by communicating on the WhatsApp app, using Twitter or joining a Facebook group.

  • Social platforms intensify learning.

Students can reach all the information that is not available in their institutional libraries. They can cooperate with mates in other locations and share thoughts to improve their way of learning. It positively affects students’ creativity.

  • Social media networks can develop awareness and desire to experiment with technology.

A lot of young people are in technological fields nowadays. In other words, it plays a role in increasing the focus on technology. Get inspiration the same moment when you start using it! Wonderful, isn’t it?

  • Social media facilitate online education.

Various social media designed for a specific purpose and audience. Some platforms can be used more than just social networking opportunities. You might notice the appearance of the “YouTube for education” platform, right? Several networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have launched projects which are designed with the educational purpose.

What About You?

Have you ever thought about the impact of the Internet personally on your education? Actually, can you imagine that just 20 years ago it was not so widespread and people didn’t use it so often? Do you need the Internet each time you start doing your homework? No doubts that you do it, and one more question to ask yourself is how do you use it? Do you analyze the data you get from it, or just copy-paste all the information without even considering? Or maybe you even become too focused on Instagram, that forgot that tomorrow you must submit an essay?

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Negative Impact of Social Media on your education

  • Social Media can distract students from the learning process.

If you have your phone on hand, you will be checking your social networks systematically. Have you ever noticed it? It happens to everybody, even if you have the strongest intention not to do it. Instead of using your time on serious problems like studying, you go online, you are texting, responding to messages, watching stories commenting on photos, posts, etc.

  • Social Media criticized for poor writing skills among students.

Many students use abbreviations and shortenings on social media. Consequently, even writing an essay you use them, it will be considered a mistake. Sometimes people are not able to distinguish between “your” and “you’re”, “it’s” and “its”. Besides, abbreviations that replace whole sentences or having emojis instead of explaining your emotions don’t motivate students to use proper writing skills.

  • You rely on the Internet too much.

Students get used to googling anything instead of researching. It gets to the point when you aren’t able to depend on yourself to come up with the proper solution. Some students even cheat on exams, and unfortunately, it is no so uncommon situations for many institutions. Students heavily rely on their gadgets with Internet access to get answers in tests.

  • Risk of cyberbullying.

Even further, one more dangerous negatives related to the usage of social media networks nowadays. In the modern world, bullying isn’t limited to physical or verbal aggression. Social media have uncovered another way for bullies to act. Due to the open nature and no restrictions, there is a high possibility that kids could be bullied by other students on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Well, the influence of social media on learning depends on how you, as a student, decide to use it. The Internet gave us unlimited possibilities to explore the world. Moreover, you can study online and get online help with your assignments 24/7, which would be impossible without the Internet.