If you are stuck bored in your college dorm then you may feel as though you’re at a loss of what you can do. You may even feel as though you are going to be staring at the wall for hours on end while you think of something too. It doesn’t have to be this way, and if you take into account the below tips then you will soon find that you can entertain yourself without much effort at all.

Go to the Gym

Going to the gym is one of the best ways for you to stop boredom once and for all. If you don’t feel like working out then this is understandable, so go out on a walk instead. This will help you to pass some time and it will also give you various health benefits too.


Reading articles online is a fantastic way for you to pass some time. If you are stuck for ideas then why not look into Sportez horse racing to see if you can get into a new hobby, or even find out if there are any interesting events going on in your area? If you are stuck for what else you can read then there are probably tons of books you can borrow from your local library but that being said, it helps to go with a topic in mind.

Start a Sports Game

If things are a little slow on campus, then there is a very high chance that you are not the only one who is looking for something to do. Why not wander around and have a pick-up game instead? Take a basketball or even a football and see if anyone is up for a game. The gym is the best place for you to do this and you never know, you may earn some bragging rights.

Do Some Homework

Would you rather work on your homework now when you are bored, or when there are tons of fun and exciting things going on that you don’t want to miss? Finding a new study location can help your homework to feel way less tedious. On top of this, a new environment may even do wonders for your productivity, outlook and even focus too.

Watch a Game

Find a game that you have never been into before, and see if there is anything scheduled. You never know, you may end up getting into football, lacrosse, softball or even rugby. This is a fantastic way for you to spend the afternoon and you would be surprised at how much time it can pass.

Play Video Games

Another thing that you can do is play video games. When you play video games you can invite other people around and when you do, you may even get to meet some new friends. As mentioned above, you never know when other people are going to be bored in their college dorm just like you.