In the event of a zombie apocalypse, what would be your plan of action?

We asked Lucy Watson, Nina Nesbitt, Dodie, Joe Lycett, and John Newman!

Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson Interview

“Save my animals and family, and go underground – with plenty of snacks.”

Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt

“I’d probably just get really, really drunk so if I died I wouldn’t be aware of it.”



“Run and hide! Run and hide! Find friends, and make the most out of what I have left. I’m clearly not the strongest person, I’d find another friend who would take care of me.”

Joe Lycett

Credit: Matt Crockett

“You’d probably have to try and find weapons wouldn’t you? I’d try align myself with a clan of bigger boys who could do the heavy lifting and I would do the cooking or something like that. I’d try and get myself a role where I didn’t have to get on the front line, because I’m a coward! But if that wasn’t the case, I’ve got a poker in the fire downstairs and I’d use that as my weapon, I’d just try my best basically. I’d try and get a stash of beans and a red hot poker and I think I’d be alright.”

John Newman

John Newman

“Save my wife, jump in my rally car, and start mowing down a load of green weird walking people.”

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