There are certain things that you should never do in a casino. Even professional players will tell you these things. One of the reason is doing these things might get you banned or affect your gaming experience. Whether you are playing in your favourite online casino in France for example – or trying out a new casino, it is always important to be on the safe side. Remember that the things you should never do are many and we cannot exhaust them all here. Read on to learn them.

  • Avoid taking advantage of free alcohol since you might get very drunk. Take your booze in a moderate manner to avoid getting drunk to a point you cannot make proper judgement. It will work against you. When you are drunk, you risk gambling most of your money or even all of it or becoming a nuisance to a point of getting kicked out or arrested. It is important to learn your alcohol tolerance levels and stick inside them. Avoid drinking carelessly or getting sloppy. Spilling drinks on the table means you stop play and cause inconveniences to other players and staff.
  • Never take a cash advance or loan to continue gambling when you lose the money you had carried. In other words, do not chase your loses. If you have to borrow money to gamble, then you should not have gambled in the first place. Additionally, you should also avoid playing above your bankroll. Doing this will mean you lose your money fast. Note that casinos are very wise and ATMs are located strategically and you might be tempted to head there and withdraw more cash.
  • Never take your losses out on dealers. Although it is believed that dealers are not after your money and are just running the game in according to the laws. However, there is a big chance you will lose your money. If this happens, there is no need to be mad at the dealer. The cards are random for them too. If you are extremely angry, move away from the table.
  • Never have the “I can’t lose attitude”. When you visit a casino with this mentality, then you can just kiss your money goodbye. Always know that the house will always win and has a bigger edge than you. Always be ready to lose. Casinos always have an edge over the players. Although you can win big, there is also a chance you will lose at some point.
  • Never think you can win rent in a casino. Movies have the habit of portraying that a desperate person can walk into a casino and win all the cash they need. However, it is always important to know this is very rare. If you cannot pay your bills, then it means you do not have enough cash to gamble. What will happen when you lose the little you have?
  • Do not go watching others play especially those playing slots. Players find this very annoying. If you have nothing to do go to the bar.
  • Do not fail to watch your back. There are different types of individuals in casinos. We are not saying you be paranoid but casinos have seen incidences where you fail to watch out and your money vanishes. Avoid telling strangers to watch something on your behalf.
  • Do not beg people who are winning to lend you money even if they are your friends. Security people do not like this and will kick you out. Additionally, hawking your personal stuff such as watches so you can gamble will get you kicked out.
  • Avoid paying for drinks. Currently, there are casinos charging for drinks which should not be the case. As long as you are playing in a casino you should get free refreshments.
  • Never harass the cocktail server. Whether you are staking high or low, the cocktail server is not your maid. She is there to making her living. Do not be rude to her or stiff her. Pay her money and continue playing. If you can afford gambling them even a tip is good.
  • Avoid gambling when you are tired or fatigued. This is more of gambling blindly. The moment you realise you are tired, you should take a break and maybe take a nap.

Final thoughts

You will find many other rules that are standard such as tipping well. The rules mentioned above can be hard to follow since gambling is very tempting and addictive. Do not over indulge in gambling. Many are times players find themselves over gambling without realising. Watch for signs such as yawning and fatigue. Also keep checking your wallet to ensure you are not exceeding your budget. Also we recommend to read what to expect from gambling in the future.