A considerable number of students in the UK come from overseas to study. Of course, just showing up on the first day of uni can be stressful. Let alone in doing this in an unfamiliar place, and where the rest of the students and teachers don’t speak your first language. However, studying in the UK can not only be an academically beneficial experience but a fun one as well. Especially if you embrace the advice in the post below.

Expect a bit of culture shock.

Britain is truly a country like no other. In fact, while you may think you have a good grasp of the British culture before you arrive at the reality of being immersed in it day to day can be a little overwhelming.

Happily, you can minimise this culture shock by doing several things. The first is to prepare yourself for any of the significant differences before you arrive. Something you can use posts like this one on British Things to help you with. In fact, if you can visit and talk to someone that is British or have lived in Britain for any period of time that will be even better. Especially if they know your culture well as they will be able to point out the key differences and help you to prepare.

You will be paying more than UK students.

Next, as an overseas student in the UK, you must realise you will be paying much more for your education that native students will. I know that this kind of sucks, but there is a benefit to this you can use to your advantage.

It is that because you are essentially a high paying customer, the service you will expect from the university will be a lot greater as well. Something that means you should feel much more happy to ask for assistance when needed, or even make a complaint if things are not acceptable.

There are all sorts of emotional and academic support available.

Talking of assistance, overseas students are not always aware of the high level of support they can expect when studying at a UK University. In fact, there are emotional and wellbeing services such as counselling, medical help that you can access, as well as academic support. Such as tutorials on how to take notes and how to structure your essays. You can even get help with how to use the referencing system that your course requires. A task that tends to baffle UK students let alone ones that are working in their second language.

Many universities even have academic librarians in their library who can help you track down the information you need online or in books for your assignments.

Also, many overseas students aren’t aware that they can get access to nearly all of these support through students services. Additionally, there is often an emergency financial aid for students that are struggling as well. Something well worth knowing if the majority of your money is going on accommodation and tuition!