We’ve all done it. Forced our eyes to say open an entire night until the point your eyeballs are dry. Successfully pulling off an all nighter isn’t particularly healthy and it really doesn’t make you feel physically well, but it’s a moment of huge pride and satisfaction. So, we’ve got some tips to help you achieve that marvelous feeling once again…

Avoid Caffeine – You might think drinking coffee is the way to go, but really, you’ll just crash after the buzz and feel more exhausted than ever. Drinks lots of water instead!

Room Temperature – Keep the room cool; it’s more likely to keep you alert whereas a hot/warm room will make you feel tired.

Diet – Avoid sugars and big meals as these will make you feel heavy and lethargic. Eat anything rich protein such as cheese!

Naps – Take a nap or two during the day before your inevitable all nighter.

Music – Play some crazy, loud music to keep your brain awake!

Air – Open up some windows to allow more oxygen into the room. When you’re deprived of oxygen, you will start yawning which will make you feel tired.

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