“TikTok is the most downloaded app with over 500 million active users worldwide.”

So you’re a popular creator on TikTok… for those that don’t know, please can you describe the platform and why it’s so popular?
The reason why it is so popular is the fact that the app is designed around short-form videos. You can post videos anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute, and the best part is you can create videos to music or fun sounds. The app is filled with awesome challenges to new songs every day. Challenges can include dance, makeup, cosplay, comedy, art, and so much more. The app is all about showing off your creative side by being organic, authentic, and real.

Do you think its popularity will stay at such high levels and do you think it’s a serious contender against Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? 
I believe that TikTok will continue to climb in 2020. Facebook already released a TikTok clone called Lasso in 2018, but the app flopped with an average of 100,000 active users since the app launch. I know that Instagram is on the rise of creating a TikTok clone called Reels. This app might be one to have a chance at competing with TikTok, but I do believe TikTok will soar high and far making it a top platform for the years to come.

How long ago did you join TikTok?
I joined TikTok over a year ago, but my videos did not start taking off and reaching millions of views until March 2019.

Do you remember your first video? 
My first video was posted right after I moved to Canada in July of 2018.

How has your content changed, if at all, since you first started posting on TikTok? 
When I first started TikTok I had no idea what I was doing, so I started doing a load of comedy videos for about six months. I finally posted a dance video, and that is when my account started going viral, and where I changed my username to “Jayde Can Dance”.

Jayde Vincent

What were the main factors behind you growing such a huge following in a relatively short amount of time? 
My account started growing when I finally shared my passion, and my real talents. That is the key to the app – to find your passion, and stick with that theme. I have been dancing my whole life, so it has been easy for me to continue that niche on my account.

Do you feel part of your success was due to you being an early adopter of the platform (and do you think others can build a 1m+ following as fast as you)?
I do believe that being an early adopter has had its advantages, but I see a load of new creators coming to the platform and growing quickly. I think anyone still has the opportunity; you just have to be creative, and stay consistent.

What tips would you offer to someone new joining? 
Make sure you consume content and really understand the app before jumping into posting. Once you have consumed enough and get the concept of what videos do well, then start posting. Once you get posting, stay consistent. You must post daily. I aim for 2-4 times per day. Engage with your followers, and try and create a few trending videos but make them your own. Also, use the trending sounds; they get pushed out more onto the For You page.

You offer advice to brands wanting to use the platform – what are the main differences when comparing personal accounts to brands that use TikTok? 
There is no difference in how the account looks on TikTok whether it is a brand account or personal account. If you are a brand using TikTok please make your account personal versus commercial. We want to see the people of your company, or real people enjoying your products or services. TikTok is anti-commercial ads, and your account will get hate if you do so, so stay organic and you can really grow and reach a whole new consumer base.

What’s been the highlight of your success so far? 
Oh my, there honestly has been so many amazing highlights over this last year. I would say being on Famous Birthdays is an absolute dream, and when I hit one million was incredible. That feeling was out of this world. But my biggest success was when I held my first meet and greet at my local mall and was able to meet over 2,000 fans who came to see me. Making my fans happy is why I continue to keep making good content, and wanting to do better.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
2020 is going to be a huge year of growth for me. If things go right, and as planned, I will be partnering with a huge mentor of mine to help really set a new tone for my personal brand, and help me grow to new lengths. I want to be around 3 million followers by the end of 2020. I may have plans for a book release, a possible music album, and traveling the world speaking at conferences.

What are your long term plans as a content creator
I plan on continuing to inspire and help educate people along my journey as a content creator. I hope to grow and collaborate with so many people over the years on my creator journey.

How would describe TikTok to an old person who doesn’t understand technology? 
It is a place that you get to be your inner child. A place you get to have fun and be authentic. A place you get to make real organic relationships. A place you get to show off your creative passions.

Tell us something your fans would not know about you…
My mum was crazy enough to give me and my three younger siblings the exact same initials. All our names start with J, and our middle names all start with L. So we are all JLV. It is a pain if we get mail that is addressed to J Vincent as we never know who it truly is for.

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