We got hands on with some of Logitech’s biggest and best new tech. Everything you will need to get started in the world of streaming, from a keyboard and mouse to a headset and webcam, we’ve got you covered… Oh yeah, and you can win it all in a bundle worth over £200 for yourself!

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It’s no secret that streaming is huge right now. Gamers, reviewers, storytellers, even just chatty folk are creating their own fame and fortune straight from their bedroom. Streamers entertain their following by having fun and doing what they love, and can earn a very nice living doing so. We’re having a look at all the tech you’ll need to get started in your spare time, so after reading this you’ll know just where to start!


We had a go with the PRO Headset, and as far as headsets go, there’s no need to look anywhere else! This thing was comfortable (which is essential for long streaming shows), the audio was fantastic thanks to the 50mm drivers, and the microphone was faultless. We tested the mic by itself and it had perfect uninterrupted pickup.

Not only were the obvious qualities of this headset top notch, but we loved that we were able to simply plug it in and go. Setup was super fast and the default settings were all we needed. Don’t worry if you like to go in and play around with your EQ, this is all possible through the G Hub gaming software.

Back to the mic, I think we can all agree that there’s nothing more irritating than background noise when listening to someone speak. Your audience isn’t going to stand for it. Thanks to the boom mic coupled with Blue VO!CE technology, you’re never going to have problems like this. This is professional grade tech!


Logitech streaming bundle Pro Headset

MK470 Keyboard & Mouse

I worked with the MK470 slim wireless keyboard and mouse set and oh boy did I not want to give these back. This may be the case with everything, but once you go wireless you never want to see another cable ever again. Coupled with the lightweight and sleek design, these two are must haves, especially at such an incredible price!

Boasting a 10 metre wireless range, 90% noise reduction, and a sleek modern style, these are streaming essentials at their finest. You want versatility and you want to be free and active, not just for your audience, but for yourself. Kick back and forget about cables, dance around in style.



90% of the most successful streamers are using webcam to bring their streams to live, to give them more interactivity, more personality and more entertainment possibilities. Look no further than the Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam, this thing is as good as it gets.

With auto focus and a 78 degree field of view you won’t need to worry about your shot, just place it down in the usual position, push the go live button and you’re golden. This thing can capture in 1080p at 30 fps or even 60 fps if you drop to 720p, which for streaming purposes is everything you need!

We can’t recommend the C922 enough to bring your stream up to the high standard of the top plyers, we wouldn’t be without it and neither should you.


Logitech streaming bundle PRO STREAM WEBCAM

Bonus product: G635 7.1 LIGHTSYNC Gaming Headset

We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of Logitech’s best gaming headsets to date and it was brilliant! This thing combines a really… really good set of headphones with the 50mm drivers again and surround sound (higher quality than 7.1), with a stealthy boom mic with crystal clear quality AND lighting effects!

This headset is awesome because Logitech have taken all the best bits and put them together, then added more. I have never worn a comfier headset, I have never used a piece of tech as easily as I was able to use this, straight from the box and I have never sat and had a game of Rocket League giggling like a little girl because of my headphones.

This headset can be used wherever you like, I first plugged them straight in to my phone using the 3.5mm jack cable in the box. I tested the mic with an audio recording and it sounded like I was in a recording studio, I was hugely impressed and couldn’t fault it (especially as my Xbox mic at home has just started making an annoying buzzing sound). I then plugged straight in to my computer and used the G635 as intended, I was immersed in quality and when I coupled the lighting effects with the C922 webcam, I felt like the next big thing…

Check this headset out, just do it.


Logitech streaming bundle G635 7.1 LIGHTSYNC Gaming Headset

So there you have it, the tech you will NEED in order to get started as a streamer and to put on a good show!

Check out our Logitech Streaming Bundle competition here and bag yourself the Headset Pro, C922 Webcam, and the MK470 Keyboard and Mouse!