Are you a full-time parent wondering if you could upskill your academic qualifications now? Is the idea of joining classes to learn something new scary to you because you’re already on round-the-clock parenting course? And if you’re already working, the feat might seem simply impossible to you. The fact is, these days, you don’t need to neglect your parenting duties or get trampled under workloads to pursue your dreams through further studying of business education.

Here are some tips on how you can wing it while maintaining your sanity.

Know your heart

Studying as a full-time parent is always a difficult choice whether or not you’re working. So, before taking the plunge, be absolutely sure of it. Studying something you actually want to learn would help you keep motivated through thick and thin.

Prep your family

Once you have decided, sync up with your family. Unless you’re parenting toddler or younger kids, help them understand your decision. Set some boundaries regarding your study hours, area and the tools you’d use for your studies. Discuss with your partner and family members on how to accommodate your schedules with some agreeable changes.

Choose wisely

Be practical about your choice of courses. Do you need to take a full-time degree course or a more specialised short-term course would help you more? Must you enrol in physical classes or online tutorials and e-learning courses would be the better choice? Looking for a technical brush up? Love animals and want to study online animal courses? Opting for a business education that’s more aligned with your interests is always a wiser decision.

Take advantage of technology

The world of business education has progressed a lot with technology. Check out various online tutorials and interactive tools to grasp the subject better and faster. Be it an online calendar to manage all your assignments and other responsibilities in time or a smart app to keep track of your expenses – go all in. For maximum flexibility and effective use of your time, you can take up various online courses with Learning Cloud and upgrade your knowledge swiftly.

Remember your “Me-Time”

In between all these, don’t forget to indulge in the much-needed “Me-Time”. Following a well-planned schedule everyday should leave you with a window of quality time just for yourself. Even a super-parent needs to recharge and refresh every once in a while without feeling guilty about it.

Don’t hesitate to seek help

This is a crucial part of your journey back to studying. Don’t try to do it all by yourself. Ask for help when you need it. Reach out to your partner, close family members or your community’s child-care system. Don’t let your decision of further studies take a toll on your physical, emotional or financial health.

You have an already busy schedule of managing kids and a household and/or work. It would undeniably be a challenge to tackle the demands of your studies on top of that. But, it’s truly doable and absolutely worth it. With a steely determination and positive attitude, you can master it all!