Do you belong to the category of limited edition folks for whom communication is easier through creativity? Do you express yourself better with art than mundane words? Does your calling go hand in hand with the creative outflow of your mind and talent? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps a regular nine hour job is not going to satisfy your inner cravings.

Your career path must go through the less charted territory of artistic creativity for long-term stability and satisfaction. Does that mean you should settle for anything less than what your talent deserves? In terms of recognition and income, not at all!

You may not be a painter or sculptor or a performer on stage. But, an artistic mind gifted with creativity might surprise you with the potential of a bread-winner as well.

Here are a few interesting and yet sound career ideas for artistic talents like you. Check out which suits you most.

  • Artistic Director: Let your calling guide you in the world of performances in the form of this career. Contribute with your creative input as well as in the finances and administrative areas for orchestras, art festivals, theatre groups and more.
  • Graphic Designer: Merge your fine art intuitions with business ideas to create visual impact on the world. Create logos, websites, advertisements, product packaging, other marketing/promotional materials etc. as a successful graphic designer.
  • Multimedia artists: Capitalise the benefits of technology for your artistic skills. Explore various avenues like becoming an animator, cinematographer, video game designer, videographer or professional photographer etc. Find ultimate satisfaction and success with modern equipment of art.
  • Art Therapist: Join a noble profession that helps others with your artistic talents. You need a dedicated study of psychology and relevant fields to help your clients. Guide them to channel their inner turmoil through various modes of art like painting, sculpting etc. and proceed to recovery.
  • Interior Designer: Extend your design skills beyond the canvas. Transform physical spaces into functional and comfortable domains with attractive taste of art. You can help in making a house become a cosy home for someone or lend your talents to more commercial projects too.
  • Fashion Designer: Take your interaction with colours, textures and patterns one step ahead. Become a fashion designer to weave in your magic through designing costumes, clothing, jewellery, footwear and accessories. Contribute at any phase of the end-to-end apparel making process and find your bliss in a more tangible art form through fabrics.
  • Floral Designer: Are you more interested in the subtle form of expressing emotions through floral art and installations? Then a career in floristry is just right for you. With proper mentoring through efficient courses like Pearsons Floristry Certificate III classes, your floral masterpieces will showcase your talents wholeheartedly.

You may want to conform to the traditional career paths for artistic people. Or, you may choose these modern alternatives too. In the end, your success will only depend on your skills, talent, motivation and persistency. Never settle down for less. Follow your heart.