So you’ve finished your masters degree. Ring the bell, pop a cork, and celebrate your accomplishments for a moment! Through the time you’ve spent at uni you’ve learned to love the culture, the opportunities, the day to day changes. You’ve even looked forward to the arrival of freshmen on campus each year. Maybe you’ve spent time working in the uni library or assisting a professor as you’ve finished up your degrees, and enjoy the academic environment and helping students succeed. Perhaps you’ve been the teacher, helping to form the next generation of students with your teaching skills and words of wisdom and encouragement.

If you’ve loved your time at uni, why not take the next step towards earning a doctorate? Making uni a career could be a great choice for you! Universities are looking for candidates to help lead them into the new era of technological innovation. The challenges that are coming with the rapidly changing pace of education are just waiting to be met. Maybe they are waiting to be met by you. If you enjoy the academic environment and want to help guide the future of education, a Doctorate of Education may be the perfect next step for you.

Take some time to consider career planning. What would be the most interesting position for you? An Ed.D can arm you with the skills to work in several different areas. You could become a college president, helping fundraise for the school and make plans that have an impact for years to come. Another choice is becoming an academic dean, guiding the trajectory of your chosen field within the university.

With a Doctorate of Education degree you will have the tools to be anything from a university or college lecturer or even a policy consultant.

The level of interaction you’d like to have with students may help you narrow down your career selection. Would you like to focus more on the academic side of administering, or would you prefer to focus on big-picture guidance of a the university?

Even if you want to keep working as a university professor, pursuing your Doctorate of Education degree will give you additional insight into the education system. Through your studies you can learn additional skills in technology, human interaction, and research that can help you in your current career while beefing up your resume to become a teacher.

A Doctorate of Education can also increase your earning potential. It can open up a world of options for you while simultaneously teaching you skills that can help you in multiple fields and areas of employment. If you’ve had a goal of completing your doctorate now is a great time to pursue that. Our career planning guide can help you think through your choices before you take the next step towards becoming a teacher.