Are you looking for holiday inspirations to fill in your university summer break? If you are, then you will absolutely have so many options to consider. And while most students would go on a destination holiday somewhere, others would find staycation a much better option. Here’s our guide to help you decide between vacation and staycation.

Vacation Activities

For those who would prefer to go on holiday, there are many cities in Europe that are perfect for your city breaks. If you haven’t been to Budapest yet, now is the time to visit. Although it’s more famous for its historical architectures and thermal spas, it’s the city’s vibrant nightlife that has lured younger crowds of tourists in.

If your idea of a city break is to go to the beach, sunny Barcelona is waiting for you to take a dip. Here, you can chill out at a beach bar during the day and hit the city’s dance clubs after the sun goes down.

UK Staycation Activities

If you find staycation better than a vacation, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of staycation activities for everyone to enjoy in the UK. Whether it’s surfing the waves in Jersey, wandering along the charming streets of Edinburgh, or hiking in the Lake District, you are definitely not short on options for your staycation activities.

If you prefer to explore on a budget, there are plenty of cheap staycations in the UK that’s perfect for you. Check out those activity centres that offer discounted rates for students. If you are craving for some adventure, go wild camping in the Lake District. You won’t have to pay any pitching fee, which makes it ideal for students on a budget.

Vacation Accommodation

For the adventurous types, there are unique accommodation options that are worth checking out. You can stay at an ice hotel in Norway, tree hotel in Sweden, or at a South Pacific overwater villa in the Maldives, somewhere like Bora Bora.

If cash is not flowing like Jordan Belfort, there are tons of hostels in Europe that cater to students on city breaks. While some of these hotels offer basic accommodation options, there are also boutique hostels that appeal to the more extravagant crowd. If you’re travelling in a group, staying at apartments or AirBnbs is highly recommended.

UK Staycation Accommodation

Just because you chose to go on staycation doesn’t mean you’ll just settle with a basic accommodation option. For a unique way of enjoying your UK staycation, go glamping with your mates in Devon or Cornwall.

A holiday cottage is another great accommodation option if you’re going staycation on a group. In Cotswold, there are beautiful independent cottages that cater to different groups of travellers. The cost might be beyond your travel budget, but if you chip in with your mates, you could end up saving more!

Vacation Cost

Going on vacation is, no doubt, more expensive than a staycation. But there are many ways to make your vacation a reality even with a limited budget. Backpacking is one of these. You can also take up some jobs along the way to help fund your trip. Staying with friends is also a fun way to save on your accommodation cost.

But for those who can afford to splurge a bit for their vacation, head to the Caribbean and stay at on a luxury resort! Another extravagant way to spend your summer holiday is to go to Monaco and party with celebrities at the dreamy French Riviera.

Staycation Cost

Staycation is definitely cheaper than vacation especially if you won’t go far and if you choose to take part in some cheap or free activities within the UK. But if you want to make the most of your staycation, consider going a bit further away. After all the hard work you’ve done at school, you definitely deserve a fun Summer holiday!