We asked Greg James, Charli XCX, Jack Whitehall, Ella Henderson, and Rob Becket: “What’s been your most embarrassing moment?”

Greg James

Greg James

“Trying to pay for five turtle necks at the till in Uniqlo and my debit card not working.”

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Charli XCX

Charli XCX Interview

“I once called Liam Gallagher “Noel” at an awards show. I passed him in the bathrooms and he said something nice in passing, I was drunk, and the wrong name came out. I don’t think he heard, but that’s obviously like, a true f***ing error.”

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Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall

“I think my father once got banished from the touch line at one of my school rugby games when we were playing a game in Wales, because he made some reference about sheep which was deemed inappropriate for 16 year old boys. That was quite embarrassing.”

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Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson Interview Winter 2020 Student Pocket Guide

“Probably falling over on stage on The X Factor tour years ago; it was the most horrendous feeling at the time! I fell down a set of stairs while trying to sing at the same time and completely stacked it.”

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Rob Beckett

Rob Beckett Interview Winter 2020

“I sh*t my pants at a kid’s birthday party when I was four.”

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