Covid-19, lockdown, self-isolation and social distancing are all we seem to hear about at the moment – and I get it, the world is currently going through a global pandemic, which is terrible. But I want to look at the situation we are in right now differently. I’d really like you to only focus on the positives and hopefully after reading this article, you will take actions you might not otherwise have. Whether that be to learn, improve, adapt, plan or reassess so when the time comes, you are ready to go win, in a prepared and positive mindset. After-all, this pandemic will not last forever so rather than looking at the doom and gloom use the time wisely and spring back to action in great shape, ahead of your competitors.

Before I go on, this article is written from the perspective of people who might have extra time at home who are on Furlough, who unfortunately might have lost their job, or for people who are still working (like myself), but getting used to a different setup, possibly working less hours, with different priorities and who might not be as productive as they once were. For any key workers out there, who are still grafting away I salute you. NHS workers, the police, delivery people, warehouse workers, and anyone who is doing their bit to help keep the country going and save lives, I thank you, you are amazing!

For all those who are sat at home now with a dodgy haircut, have spent far too long on social media, or who have drank a few too many beers recently – it’s time to clear out those empty cans, stop looking at the things you can’t afford, and accept your hair will grow back.

We’re just over 3 weeks into the lockdown with an announcement later today that lockdown will most likely remain for a minimum of 3 more weeks. By now I would like to think you have had your fair share of relaxing, which is very important, and if this is the case, I believe it’s time to start preparing. Here are my top ideas of things you can do, to enable yourself the best opportunity of hitting the ground running when lockdown is over:

  • Network on LinkedIn

Reach out to people in your industry and send them a connection invite. Build your business connections, start to get your name out there and start conversations – don’t wait for the opportunity, create it!

  • Volunteer

There has never been a time in all my life when the NHS has needed us more – it’s time to give back. There are many safe volunteering opportunities to support NHS, and many other amazing causes, too. So why not get yourself out there and do something positive not just for yourself, but for others. It will also look great on your CV!

  • Contribute

If you are a talented writer, why not spend some time… writing! Start your own blog, create some buzz and who knows where it might lead. Did you know we also accept contribution opportunities here at Student Pocket Guide and Travel Pocket Guide for anyone who has student or travel topical content!

  • Check Your CV is up-to-date

I myself am always surprised by the number of CVs I see which are either not up-to-date or have errors on them. This can cost you the job! So, now’s the time to check it’s in good working order – and try to keep it within 2 pages if possible, or even create a video style CV! More CV Tips can be found here. 

  • Refresh or write your business plan

Even if It doesn’t need to be amended, re-read it, familiarise yourself with the plan. Are you on track? Is it still applicable? What needs to be changed, if anything?

  • Apply for new jobs

One thing is for sure. There is going to be a lot of amazing talent searching for new jobs, as well as businesses looking to employ, even now for some industries, but certainly when the lockdown is over for others. Many companies who are actively trading will already be advertising for new positions, so why not take a look at what’s available?

  • Create great content

Write, film, edit, create! And then repeat!

  • Promote our business/content

Be as creative with this one as you are with the content itself. Think outside of the box. Place your content where your demographic is and make it grabbing! Spend time creating a brilliant thumbnail/image, think about a catchy title, add tags, share it to groups and upload it to all socials.

  • Discover new talents

Have you always had a passion for filming but never really gave it a proper go? Grab that camera and start shooting objects or use your mobile and learn to edit. Watch online tutorials on whatever interests you and learn how to do that craft you never before had the time to.

  • House Improvements

If any of the above don’t appeal, why not work on home improvements? Get all those niggly tasks that have been at the back of your mind for ages complete. This means you won’t have to do them after a long day of work when lockdown finishes. After-all, to really be free, you need to be free in the mind.