Scape launches app to support student wellbeing through COVID-19 lockdown

APRIL 2020, LONDON – As the country remains in lockdown, many students have found themselves self-isolating in the setting of their university accommodation. To support these students, many of whom will be thousands of miles away from loved ones, student living specialist Scape has launched a new app designed to encourage a sense of community and maintain wellbeing during this difficult time. In addition, Scape will be launching a series of initiatives and structures to care for their residents including a calendar of social online events for the student community, enrolment onto an online mental health forum and frequent wellbeing monitoring by the residential team.

The app from Scape is designed to assist students living at Scape’s properties so that students can directly contact a residential manager for support if they are struggling with their mental health. Once contact has been made by a student, advice and guidance will be provided by one of 65 mental health trained staff digitally over video to support residents while social contact is limited.

As well as providing direct contact at any hour of the day through the app, Scape is investing in the continuous wellbeing of its students by providing access to Big White Wall. The online mental health platform allows users to anonymously engage with others that may also be struggling by contributing to online forums and providing resources to learn how to manage their mental health. Here, students can also gain access to a one to one counselling session with a psychologist through a referral, if needed.

In addition, as students are used to having an active social life with a full calendar of things to do with their friends throughout the week, Scape has devised a programme of online activities to keep residents entertained. These interactive, social, online events for students include live online bingo, shared film streaming platforms and Kahoot interactive quizzes to encourage students to connect with one and other from the comfort of their rooms and maintain the community while people are isolated.

To help ensure that physical activity is not impacted during the lockdown, fitness and exercise sessions have also been incorporated into the app and student events calendar, with regular exercise proven to improve mood and manage anxiety levels. Scape has also committed to a live streamed schedule of fitness sessions available to residents through Moviing, an online platform sharing training routines perfect for small spaces. To support these sessions, Tanisha Appleton, resident wellbeing manager at Scape is providing live wellbeing Q&A sessions as well as continually checking in on all residents via a weekly phone call whether they may be in need of support or just to provide a friendly voice.

Resident Wellbeing Manager, Tanisha Appleton commented: ”Student wellbeing has always been at the heart of everything we do at Scape, but during this uncertain time it is even more important than ever. Scape believes that social connections and community are key to maintaining wellbeing and a sense of belonging for students, some who may self-isolating in an entirely different part of the country or overseas from their families due to travel bans. Therefore, it is vital that we do everything in our power to maintain their wellbeing and support each and every resident during this period. Along with keeping all residents up to date with the latest PHE advice, we’re confident that these initiatives and structures will support both residents and staff at Scape through this incredibly testing time.