Have you just bought your first home? Congratulations for getting that first step on the property ladder!

This is one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life and often comes after a period of sacrifice and saving, so now it’s time to celebrate!

Once you’ve popped the cork on that champagne bottle and taken that first satisfying sip, it’s time to get your head into designing your new abode. If that’s a scary prospect, then read on for some top tips on how to furnish your entire first home – even if you’re on a budget!

Put a plan in place

The average house price for first-time buyers is £220,000, and you might not have a huge budget left over to furnish your new pad, so planning it all out is vital. Don’t forget you want to try and furnish all areas of the home, not just focus on one space and then grow tired of the rest before long.

Don’t forget you’ll need to balance practicality and splendour in areas like the bathroom and kitchen – but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a splash of personality!

Locate priority pieces

Crucial to your plan will be getting high-priority items across the home first.

If you were living in unfurnished accommodation before buying, you may well have some pieces that can come across, but you might fancy a king-size bed to luxuriate in, or find that a new sofa is needed to bring your lounge to life.

Have you come from a furnished apartment and don’t have much furniture to call your own? Buying second-hand can cut down on the expenditure, while grabbing items from charity shops also helps you donate to good causes.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

If you are buying several big-ticket items, then you might find your budget is stretched for the myriad other things that are on your wish list.

If you run out of cash to spend on a coffee table, you can still bring your room to life with a feature wall – painted or wallpapered in a striking colour or pattern, while throws and cushions can also lift the mood of a space for less.

A nice rug can also make a big difference to a room, from modern to vintage style with a huge choice in colour, texture and size. You can pick up a cheap rug online from around £30-£50. Rugs can be very expensive though, check out these area rugs for example. When you land your dream job or win the lottery you might want to splash out on a luxury one.

Upcycle existing items

Chances are you will have at least some items to bring with you, and they might be able to be transformed into something entirely new.

Maybe ask around friends and family and see if they have any tired old pieces that you can give a new lease of life with some creative thought and a lick of paint.

An old bookshelf could become a funky floating set of shelves, some unwanted ladders could become your hallway’s coat rack – the possibilities are endless!

What design ideas do you have for your first home?