We all know how difficult it can be for young people to find a job right after graduation, especially Computer Science students. Most employers prefer experienced specialists and aren’t willing to spend time on raising true professionals from students. However, studying often takes all the time and makes experience gaining impossible. 

So, how to solve the problem and don’t harm the learning process? Internship programs help break this vicious circle. Besides, the development of globalisation and business provides us with numerous offers both at home and abroad.

Internships for students during holidays allow you to participate in the real work of a company and complete work practice before graduation. International programs also contribute to the improvement of foreign languages and international communication, getting you ahead of competitors in the labor market.

Today, we’re going to discuss the top 10 useful internships in the leading world companies that will be interesting for computer science students. Are you one of them? Then keep reading now to start your career tomorrow!


The leading American telecommunications, networking hardware, and software company offers one of the widest choices of internships. Having received the name of the Cisco International Internship Program (CIIP), it included dozens of options both for American and international students. Thus, you can try yourself in product management, engineering, and marketing programs for future successful job searching.

However, the one-year programs for IT and Computer Science students take a special place in the rank. Lucky candidates get the chance to work in California and test their skills in the development of various IT products. Predictive index learning indicator may help in developing your skills and to get the desired result.

The company pays all transport and lodging expenses. But be ready that you’ll probably have to pause studying for a year.


Intel has always taken an active role in future specialists’ development. Nowadays, the corporation offers over 400 internship vacancies of various specialisations, including Computer Science, Engineering, IT, etc. Besides, depending on the program, you can work in the USA and other countries where Intel has subsidiaries (like the one in Shanghai).

The list of programs may vary from year-to-year, but the conditions stay the same. They take undergraduate and graduate-level students and provide them temporary full-time positions. Interns receive a salary, collaborate with experienced specialists, and get access to Intel University classes.

The best interns have a chance to get a full-time position after graduation and internship.


Annually, one of the best world research centres CERN opens the recruitment in summer internship programs for all bachelor’s and master’s students.

The two-month programs welcome students in physics and mathematics. Besides, there is a special branch for young specialists in computer science and engineering. The summer 2020 application has already started. And according to the past experience, we can safely claim that applicants will face intensive work, participation in scientific researches, and educational program from leading CERN scientists.


Hewlett-Packard is another world-famous corporation that doesn’t forget about the young generation of specialists. The company provides various internship options in computing, engineering, information technology and services, sales and marketing, business and consulting.

If you’re a graduate or postgraduate student with proper education and desire for self-improvement, HP is waiting for your application. For its part, the corporation guarantees you flexible hours to combine work and study, decent salary, experienced tutors, and the prospect of further employment.


Airbnb is a rapidly developing and promising company that always needs talented and creative people with fresh eyes. Besides, the level of your experience doesn’t matter. Young Computer Science and IT specialists and students can take a chance in annual internship programs. Foreign applicants are also welcomed.

The basic requirements include solid knowledge of Java, Scala, Ruby, as well as experience in using C++ and SQL. After passing tests and interviews, you’ll get a generously paid intern position in the San Francisco department. In addition to wages, Airbnb bears the costs of meals and offers bonuses for rental housing.


IBM is one of the companies where internships have become an annual tradition. They offer several development programs for IT students as well as students of other specialisations.

Depending on the program, you will spend 8 to 12 weeks, developing your skills and experience. Interns work in groups and individually, and collaborate with tutors.

IBM doesn’t have super-tough requirements for the technical skills of applicants. As a rule, students are supposed to know basic programming languages and tools. However, the company focuses on soft skills and motivation, so be prepared for an interview.


Like several years before, Facebook has already started the new 2020 internship season. However, please note that this summer internship will be held remotely due to the world epidemiological situation. All information is available on the official site Facebook.com. 

The leading social network is looking for bachelors, masters, and graduate students who would like to join one of over 60 internship positions. The most popular areas include data analysis, design, software engineering and computer security. Programs last a minimum of 12 weeks. Experienced tutors, new skills, scholarships, and opportunities to continue your Facebook career – all these bonuses are closer than you may think! 


LinkedIn is another social media platform that is glad to welcome ambitious students. The company divides its programs into technical, business, and creative branches. The duration of internship practice depends on the specialisation.

This year, programs will start in August and will last until late autumn. The competitive selection is quite tough, but there is nothing impossible. Interns don’t have to worry about expenses. LinkedIn pays for relocation, food, social and professional development activities. The most active students can go to a free gym and fitness classes. However, if you’re a foreign applicant, a visa is entirely up to you.


Do you want to become a part of the Big Tech technology company? Do you want millions of people all over the world to use your products? Then start your Computer Science career with Apple.

Apple always considers its interns as essential team members. Even inexperienced but gifted students who have passed the competition gain full access to company projects and processes. 

You have several program options like machine learning, engineering, UI, data analysis, etc. Besides, Apple organises a summer internship or co-op during the academic year. Choose the most suitable one to work on important projects in the USA and other countries.  

Google and Microsoft

Let’s close our Top 10 Best Internships for Computer Science Students with internships by two more Tech Giants. Google and Microsoft provide one of the most famous, valuable, and useful internships for IT specialists. This time, American, Canadian, and Mexican applicants get the opportunity to work at the Google and Microsoft offices. International students studying in bachelor’s or master’s programs can take their chances in international departments located in Europe and Asia. Programs take about 12-16 weeks, but there are also more long-term options.

In addition to working on real IT projects, students will participate in numerous educational events like lectures, master classes, etc. The development of interns is the main aim of organisations; that’s why groups have mentors.


As you see, the number and quality of various internships for IT students is imposing. Here, we have managed to list only a tiny selection of the most interesting offers. 

If you want to try yourself, HR specialists recommend searching and regularly monitoring internship updates on the official sites of the chosen corporations.

It’s also worth applying for several or even all the vacancies that interest you. Anyway, you don’t risk anything at all. But in case of success, you will get genuinely invaluable experience and significantly improve your CV. Good luck.